Friday, May 13, 2016

Outstanding Week at the Office!

Wrapping up an outstanding week at Wise Chiropractic! The office was rocking a week long. Probably the busiest week all year, records were shattered! 

Some great reports included:

- Many children are now free of ear infections and ear pain. 
- Lots of parents reporting back that their babies are sleeping 5-6 hour stretches as opposed to their normal 1-2. 
- Reflux symptoms and medication use is DOWN because babies are happier and not spitting up.
- Moms reporting a better latch with happier nursing outcomes. 
- Constipation cases improve with chiropractic adjustments. 
- Heard back from a few pregnant moms who delivered in the past few weeks that they had btwn 4-7 hour completely natural, vaginal birth to their beautiful babies. And some who had a bit longer labor and delivery. But their first stops after birth was my office to get the kiddos checked. 
- Colic, Colic, Colic! Be gone! I had several moms and dads report back this week that their kiddos colic has stopped after several adjustments! 
- One of my kiddos with Autism is formulating a new word each day! 
- Torticollis improvement after  few adjustment!

Really this is just a FEW example if what I get to hear on a regular basis in my office... 

Seriously love what I do!!!! 

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  1. i went for a consultation yesterday.i had to sign that they are not responsible for any damages! that had me a little worried.can you tell me whether it has helped you or made things worse?
    chiropractor massage therapy

    1. You went where Ana Marisol? Which office? Chiropractic or massage therapy?