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Sugar High

Sugar High 

artificial sweetener
Seems everyday we are confront with options like “diet”, “no sugar”, or “no calorie” items.  We think that by cutting calories and cutting sugar that we will in turn either be healthier, lose weight, or both! We have unfortunately mistaken quantity over quality. What I mean by that is, we have become so focused on calorie counting that we have lost sight of how vitally important good quality nutrients are, regardless of calories. At the forefront of this topic is sugar and artificial sweeteners, that claim to be zero calories and better for than regular food or beverages.


Aspartame is a sugar alternative or artificial sweetener found in hundreds of foods, candies, drinks, chewing gums, medicines and popular supplements (even Metamucil). It is official known as ‘951’ and often has the toxicity warning of “phenylketonuric: contains phenylalanine.”
Aspartame has been linked with miscarriage, headaches, numbness, altered behavior fatigue, sexual disfunction, blured vision, insomnia, diabetes, irritability, brain tumors, seizures, and depression. [i]
There are also reports of children who after being fed aspartame in the first six months of life, have been assessed as having an increased likelihood of brain damage.[ii]
When consumed, aspartame changes into aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. Phenyalanine and methanol are particularly dangerous to the body and have been associated with mental retardation, brain tumors, and poor muscular coordination.


Splenda is America’s #1 selling artifical sweetener and is best known or it’s marketing logo of “made from sugar, so it takes like sugar.” It’s in every restaurant, coffee shop, and eatery.
The truth is Splenda is actually made from organochlorides. Organochlorides are mainly used as pesticides; for example, DDT, Dieldrin, Aldrin, and Chlordane. Notorious organochlorides include “Agent Orange” and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s), which have consistently been associated with cancer and abnormalities within the reproductive, immune, and nervous systems. [iii]
“To use organochlorine to make a sweetener defies logic. It is the first organochlorine ever used for human consumption. I would no sooner eat Splenda than I would eat DDT.”
 -Shane Ellison – Pharmaceutical Chemist
Our bodies were made with a design in mind. There are real sugars out there they have been created naturally for human consumption. The question you must ask yourself is this, “Is it worth it to me, to take in this sweetener for the short term pleasure, to possibly sacrifice my health in the long term?” Think of those that drink diet drinks every day. Think of the amount of stress and toxins your body has to fight against.
At Wise Chiropractic Inc., we teach our members to thrive and live from the inside-out, to adapt to stress at their highest capabilities, to allow their mind-body connection to be clear of interference, and feel empowered to know they’re body has everything it needs to be WELL! You were made to be amazing, let us show you how!

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As seen in “Well Adjusted Babies” by Jennifer Barham-Floreani. 

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