Friday, March 21, 2014

What will we see in 100 years from now? How about 20 years from now?

When I was a child, there were 9 vaccines recommended my entire life from age 0-18 years. Now if you follow the CDC’s recommendations, your child will receive 50-60. Why should parents be concerned by this? After all, the polio vaccine eradicated polio, right? The more vaccines the merrier right? Stop for a second and think about this. There has never been a study that shows the cumulative effect of this many vaccines on a human body, and the children receiving this many doses of vaccines, which contain ingredients that are known neuro-toxins are truly guinea pigs. Fast forward a few hundred years from now in the mind’s eye, and take a look at where we are going to be if we continue on this current trajectory. If the CDC has their way and requires a nearly 100% vaccination rate: First of all, even at vaccination rates of 100% each vaccine has a different failure rate, meaning some will not develop antibodies to the virus and will have the infection anyway. People can carry and spread the virus without becoming infected themselves, and susceptible populations (infants/elderly/weakened immune systems) can catch the infection even if the person they contract if from displays no outward signs of the disease. A virus/pathogen can mutate and continue to thrive because that is the nature of a virus and will it find ways to outsmart the synthetic/artificial antibodies produced by the vaccine.

A vaccine forces the immune system to bypass the part where the person gets sick as well as the natural processes that our immune systems have developed over the millennia to kill a virus and develop lifelong immunity. Injecting a child with a multi-vaccine doses like MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) or DTaP (Diptheria, Tetanus, Acellular Pertussis) is forcing the child to produce immunity to all of these viruses at once, when these diseases would never have been encountered in that way in a natural environment. Multiple injections are needed, and the immature infant must have these pathogens introduced out of nowhere into their bodies, when in a natural setting they would be introduced slowly, one at a time, (a cough, a sneeze, saliva) inhaled and handled entirely differently by the body. These are indeed the highest reported adverse reactions to vaccines on the current recommended schedule, and what we are doing is toxic overload on a small child, not equipped to handle this.

The vaccine does not produce lifelong immunity like the virus does, so the child will need many “boosters” over the years. The adjuvents, like aluminum and other preservatives that are used in the vaccines also have damaging effects on the system and studies show that the more exposure to these neurotoxins, the more damage imposed on the body.

To think that we can bypass nature’s design for a healthy immune system is doing much harm. We are creating a gene pool where no one has any natural (real) immunity against anything. Yes, it would be great if we could eliminate all disease, all childhood suffering, but that goes against all natural laws, and we should consider the purpose of viruses in the first place. We should also consider that viruses mutate in order to survive, and we are potentially creating “super bugs” to which no one has the ability to fight off the virus. (Except the unvaccinated who have built natural immunity, and their bodies will treat it as any other virus and figure out a way to attack and produce antibodies. Vaccinated folks have no experience creating natural immunity and will likely be the ones to succumb to these viruses).

Viruses that come into contact with a human being, force the being to fight the virus and develop a cellular memory of the virus, so that when it encounters it again, it will know exactly how to handle it (antibodies). Diseases like whooping cough, measles, chicken pox, are considered primarily mild “childhood diseases” and the children that contract them usually end up stronger for the interaction with the virus.

There is an evolutionary purpose for disease, and to understand, we can think of a community of deer in the wild that also have different diseases presented to them. Those who are strong enough to fight off the disease will continue to live and procreate, and those who are not, will not. One purpose of disease is to clean up the gene pool every once in a while, so that only the best genes are passed on to future generations. Those beings that carry the weaker genes are eliminated from the collective gene pool, and there is an evolutionary reason for this. Of course, no one wants to see a baby die, and in this day and age most don’t because we have access to sanitation and medical help, but the question remains: “Should we subject those with strong genes to vaccination with known harmful side effects and numb their potential (lower IQ etc.) because there are a few beings that cannot handle a simple infection such as measles?” This is the idea of the CDC… Put everyone in the same place on the bell curve, and “for the greater good” everyone must vaccinate their child (on the same schedule) to save the few who can’t handle the disease…. By doing so, we are creating a dumbed down population, because the ingredients in the vaccines actually do cause neurological damage even in those that do not have a severe reaction.

Let us take a look back in history at a disease that took out a significant number of people, and to which there was no vaccination, and eventually died out on its own. The Black Plague…. There were many who were surrounded by the disease and never acquired it, as well as many who acquired it and were able to fight it off and were stronger because of it. Of course sanitation and medical knowledge was a lot different back then, and the likelihood of a virus like that doing the same thing is small today. We can assume that those that died from the Black Plague did not have the strengthened immune systems like those who lived. Those who lived, passed on this genetic information to their children, and eventually everyone that was susceptible had passed away, did not pass on their genes, and humanity is stronger because of it. The virus had nowhere to go, and eventually died itself because everyone had natural immunity to it.

We are now taking simple viruses (that in most cases cause no harm) like chicken pox and measles and acting like they are the “Plague”--- By doing so, we are creating more harm than good.

The CDC is now on a mission to raise the vaccination rates, and trying to set up laws now that require it for everyone. Basically, they intend to hit every state (already hit California, Oregon, Washington, and now Colorado) with tougher restrictions and are feeding people with fear in the media to get the backing of public/majority support.---- *****It is an attempt to marginalize our concerns and make them seem illegitimate, so that they can force mass vaccination (this is very important to realize if you would like to retain the freedom to decide for your child)--- I see this going one of two ways: 1) they gain the support of the majority and force vaccination on everyone -OR- 2)Enough people will realize what is going on and the entire thing comes crashing down as they are exposed for hiding information from the public, and knowingly causing harm to many children.

My hope is for the latter, thus all of the information I am trying to share these days. I believe we are close enough to a critical point, where enough of us know and can tip the scales. There needs to be complete transparency within these gov. agencies, as well as with the pharmaceutical companies... I believe they are pushing this agenda, because people are starting to question whether or not all of these vaccines are really necessary and whether or not they are causing more harm than good.

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