Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Multivitamins Should Not Be Used," declares Forbes.

"Case Closed: Multivitamins Should Not Be Used," declares Forbes.

"New studies dispel multivitamin myths," reports NBC News. 

"Case is closed" after studies find no health benefits." CBS News shouts

This is a double edged sword here. One the one edge I am glad they are bringing attention to a big problem of toxic, synthetic, chemical laden multi-vitamins that can cause more harm than good. On the other edge they are cutting down the trees to spite the forest by condemning all vitamins and supplements as useless.

The fact of the matter is that there are ESSENTIAL nutrients, as in if you do not get them you will get sick and eventually die. Essential means your body does not make them but NEEDS them to survive, heal and thrive.

The vast majority of Americans are either deficient or chronically low in multiple nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and co-factors needed for basic health and healing. This is a HUGE contributor to the American health standard and out bottom of the barrel global health ratings.

Whole foods are the best source of these VITAL nutrients. Whole food concentrate nutrient supplements are the closest thing to the whole foods themselves and very effective and health, general function, and healing enhancement. These are NOT what are being tested or talked about in these reports and articles.

What is being tested are non-food, synthetic, chemical loaded supplements. BIG difference, don't be fooled.

That being said, if medications were put to the same standard, tests and review based on the same parameters as these studies are applying to vitamins, they would all FAIL as well. EACH and EVERY pharmaceutical drug on the market would fail to meet at LEAST one of the researched benefits outlined here, just as the synthetic vitamins did.

Do you think they would come to the same conclusion about the entire industry that is pharmaceutical medications?

Oh, and it should not surprise you that the largest vitamin companies, the ones that make most of what were tested, are all owned by pharmaceutical companies. For example: Hoffman-LaRoche one of the largest pharmaceutical companies produces 90% of the synthetic vitamin C in the country, Pfizer owns "Centrum" and know Bayer owns "One-a-Day," just to name a few.

Keep an eye out for our Vitamin Summary video we will have up today and our up coming webinar on all that is vitamins, production, materials, sources, benefits and more, early next year.

We must hold a higher standard. We can do better.

There are excellent supplements out there, but the must supplement a real whole food diet to see much benefit, they are not the majority, but they exist and we use them, so can you.

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