Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a health care discipline that does not focus symptoms or on the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Chiropractic focuses on finding the underlying problems to our health challenges. Chiropractic care can be successfully administered to any man, women or child. Regardless of age, if there are any spinal misalignment’s, it should be adjusted. Now adjusting a newborn infant or a young lady does not mean she will receive the same style or same force as an 300 lbs WWE superstar or a 49ers running back.

I am a wellness and lifestyle physician. My doctorate degree is in Chiropractic. I have also completed a fellowship in pediatrics by the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association). I have seen well over 75,000 office visits, with many of these being children between the ages of 1 day to 18 years old. Children's spine and nervous system can be damaged by many things... Prenatal toxins and traumas that happened to the mom (everything that enters mom's body, enters babies body), Birth Trauma (most hospital births end up having a doctor pull and yank on the heads of a new born to assist in getting these kids out of the vagina/c-section. Many MD's use forceps and high powered vacuums), Tend to see physical traumas with care givers and siblings (not on purpose for the most part, changing diapers incorrectly can cause the thoracolumbar section of the spine to lock up in what we call a subluxation. I have even had one of my pediatric patients yanked off the couch by his older sister), falling out of the crib/bed/couches, Learning how to crawl and walk, climbing the cabinets to get the cookie jar and falling, jungle gyms, bikes, skateboards, cars... These are just some of the physical traumas that children can get into. Any form of physical, chemical (drugs, GMO's, preservatives, processed foods, etc...) or emotional stress to the spine and nervous system can cause damage. If that damage is not corrected or severely minimized, it will lead into spinal degeneration, nerve atrophy, muscle wasting, chronic disease can result...

The only way to keep our bodies healthy and keep ourselves off of drugs is to prevent the body from degenerating way too quickly as a direct result of our bad chronic lifestyles.

Every doctor of chiropractic has had pediatric training in college. Just like medicine, enough training to give the doctor a change to decide if he or she wants to continue the their studies to get a fellowship or a diplomat in pediatrics. Any pediatric trained chiropractor is fully capable of analyzing and adjusting a new born. Every infant adjusting technique it very low force and very safe for any child, regardless of age.
For all the moms and dads out there thinking of getting their children checked.

Frequency: depends on the child. No rule book that fits everyone. 

Good rule of thumb: check ups directly after birth, around any milestones or major neurological shifts, every time they are sick. Anytime you would like to check their spines...

If anyone would like to PM me for my advised, I do get very busy, but I can try to response. If you need help finding a pediatric chiropractor. Please goto 

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