Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heath Benefits of Chiropractic and Kids - FB Post

Ask a Question and get out of the way! Let the public on facebook answer it for you... I did add my comment to the stop so it didnt get lost in translation! - Dr. Jon Wise

Jennifer asks, 

"My daughter now 16 months hasn't received any vaccines since she was 6 months. I was just wondering when is a good age to take her to a chiropractor, how often, n what exactly do they do for them? Also what is the health benefits of doing it?"

      • Jon Wise Dc Marilyn: any pediatric trained Chiro is fully capable of analyzing and adjusting a new born. Every infant adjusting technique it very low force and very safe for any child. 

        I am a practicing pediatric Chiro with over 75,000 office visits. Lots of pediatric adjustments in that. I even know nucca, but I do not practice nucca. Adjust any and all segments out of alignment. Do not adjust the normal functioning joints. 

        Frequency: depends on the child. No rule book that fits everyone. 

        Good rule of thumb: check ups directly after birth, around any milestones or major neurological shifts, every time they are sick. Anytime you would like to check their spines... 

        Children's spines get out of alignment due to: birth trauma, parental stress to mom, post birth care givers, changing diapers, falling out of cribs/beds/couches, etc. any physical, chemical or emotional stress can cause a joint to get out of alignment. 

        Sorry for the short post with grammar issues. All typed on a iPhone, not a PC. 
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      • Scott Jutte I've been a practicing Chiropractor for 21 years: The purpose behind Chiropractic is keeping the nervous system working without interference, which in turn allows the intelligence that created your daughter from a single cell to work at its greatest capacity. The most common cause of interference is created by an improperly positioned or moving spinal segments. Less intelligence to the parts = less function. When would you take your daughter to a dentist?... when she has teeth. She was born with a spine. So anytime after delivery is best  My 2 children are now 22 and 19 (out of college and in college) still un-vaccinated and healthier than most children their age.
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      • Nichole Walthour Right after they are born!
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      • Ursula Pasche Stouffer The earlier the better. My grandchildren (all 17 of them) have seen a chiropractor since birth.
        Especially toddlers fall all the time and put their spine out of whack, which can lead to severe health issues later on. Children who are regularly adjusted are healthier, happier and feel better.
        Chiropractic can fix ear infections, problems with toilet training, uneven leg lengths, headaches, speech problems, ADHD and many more.
        Usually once every one to four weeks seems to be good, extra appointments after a bad fall.
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      • Amber Rose Most babies are subluxated at birth. Either from neck pressure in the birth canal or pulling and torquing by the Dr./nurse. My son didn't start until 14 months but knowing what I learned from 19 months as a CA, right after birth is the most important adjustment, my son still sees a chiro twice a week at 3 and is unvaccinated and healthy as can be, no seasonal allergies, ear infections, stomach bugs etc. His innate is in control. My next birth will be at home and involve a chiropractic adjustment immediately for me and baby!
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      • Kristina Nielsen I've been adjusted by my parents since I was 30 minutes old(: chiropractic is amazing! Always my number one answer for anything health related.
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      • Guy Coberly Any age is perfect. It removes interference the nervous system and allows the body to heal itself the way God designed it to work.
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      • Chelsea Martin Chiro helps more than just the obvious bone and joint issues. It realigns your nervous system so it can function loosely and efficiently. Super important.
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      • Nichole Walthour It helps with any subluxations in the spine and helps rid the body of toxins! Powerful amazings things! Find a GOOD chiropractor!
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      • Jennifer Cornelius Riegel Any age is a good age! It keeps the foundation of the body aligned and solid so it can function properly. Regular adjustments promote emotional and physical health! Both of my kiddos go!
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      • Dan Farkas Mishaal....think of going to a Chiropractor even if you don't have symptoms the same way you look at going to a dentist even if you don't have a toothache.
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      • Dan Farkas Chiropractors are concerned with the removal of nerve interference that causes dysfunction in the body systems such as the immune system. Like Dentistry, Chiropractic is recommended for life. Only a Chiropractor can determine how much care and at what frequency someone needs. Let me know if you need a referral.
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      • Chelsea Martin Start at birth!
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      • Page Crow It's so awesome to see all these great recommendations for chiropractic.  I've been a chiro for 30 years and I still love what I do. Lucky me. I get to help Babies be healthy and they give me hugs & kisses and make beautiful picture art for my office. We are glad chiropractic is working for you all.
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      • Judith McKinley Hogan My chiropractor adjusts children whenever they get a fever. Fever breaks almost immediately and they become well again.
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      • Ziggy Coop My brother has been a chiropractor now for about 25 years, he sees children as early as possible, there is a very non-invasive procedure for adjusting infants, plus you will get good advice on food, supplements,etc.
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      • Mandy Chadwick I had 3 home births.. I dont allow anyone to touch or pull at my babies... I gently birth them Hypno Birthing Mongan method.. Calm relaxed mums n babes
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      • Mishaal Khan just curious on the importance of Chiropractors as every1 seems to recommend them here. I've NEVER been to a Chiropractor nor has anyone in my extended family. None of us have had any problems in posture or bone adjustments (thank God) so we've never felt the need. Seems like a wonderful science tho, should look into it.
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      • Susan Cosgrove Start yesterday. Lifestyle stresses (noise, pollution, mom's toxins) all contribute to babies nervous system deficiencies. Chiropractic combined with a healthy diet for mom will maximize the baby's immune system. And the avoidance of vaccines was a great start. Good for you.
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      • Kristina Nielsen Pain is the last symptom to show itself. You can have joint dysfunction and not feel it which can also be causing problems you don't know you have.
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      • Deborah Roberts I took my newborn infants to chiropractor....... and to cranial sacral sessions....... so POWERFUL
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      • Holly Sperry Calvert Right after birth.
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      • Shannon Brohmer Feltes A lot of people take them right after birth!!
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      • Orvil Holz Thirty minutes after birth was when I adjusted my kids. So any age works
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      • Shannon Primer My children were all seen by our chiropractor since the day they left the hospital. The thing is not all chiros are equal. Ask around and find one who has references you trust.
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      • Jill Herron Chapin From birth, every 2-4 weeks as needed, for overall good health.
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      • Sherri Kaye Tomlin i have heard several stories of newborns in ICU being adjusted, usually on the sly, and being released from the hospital in a day or so....
      • Danielle Lacelle Anyone's son have hypotonia? Mine does. Would a chiro help him? Inbox me please. I wont get notifications on a reply... Thanks ladies.
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      • Victoria Allison I started my kids at birth, and my daughter has done the same 
      • Amy Knight Francoeur From birth on. The chiro will tell you how often to come. As for benefits: it will benefit her health & well-being in general. My daughter, for example, has been seeing our chiro since birth. She's never had more than a sniffle, is happy, healthy, energetic, sleeps well, eats well (as well as a 28-month-old toddler will eat), etc.
      • Teresa Clark Ayto i took my kids after they were born , and occasionly during toddler years but i personally found that the more often we went to a chiropractor the more often we needed to go now we go if we really desperately need an adjustment and are in a lot of pain which isnt very often i havent been for over 4 years ..remedial massage works a lot better for me than chiropractic ever has 
      • Maryellen Stephens Yep my two were adjusted straight after birth and continue to get checked regularly. Make sure the chiro has pediatric training x
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      • Laura Myers The moment they r born...the best gift u can give your baby.
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      • Elizabeth Larsen I took my son right after he was born and still go. Hes 5 and knock on wood, has never taken an antibiotic or been sick to need to stay in a hospital or anything.
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      • Heather Bouler Stevens Mine was seen at 2 days old by a friend that is chiro... He is now 10 months old and loves to go!
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      • Marilyn Hartman I would suggest a NUCCA Dr -(neck upper cervical care specialist) a gentle non-invasive adjustment!
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      • Amber Booth I work in a chiro office as a massage therapist and have seen lil ones in as early as a couple days old 
      • Karen Turner-Domakeczna My DD has been going since she was 9days old. We go 1-2 times a month. It's all based on how's she feeling or if she's had some serious falls, she's a very active 8yr old. She always asks to go see Dr. sue (Susan Rayeski). I take a picture every year, on her birthday getting adjusted.
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      • Amanda Mitchell Take her asap! Our chiro doesn't do an adult adjustment, more or less just picks our son up.. but he has been adjusting him since 1 month old!
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      • Erin Dupuis My babes started going to our chiro within a few days of their birth and continue to go once/week.
      • Doreen Aubrey Berendes 16 months ago  get her adjusted
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      • Henry Curteis osteopathy works. chiropractors use structure where osteopaths look at effects. I would go osteopathy every time. It transformed our child's health in one visit.
        • Sherri Kaye Tomlin really i do not get the argument that one is better than the other. they actually do very very similar things. their focus is different. their training is some the same and some different. i much prefer a good chiropractor, myself. altho i find that it is the caliber of the practitioner that is more important than whether they practice osteopathy or chiropractic.
        • Jon Wise Dc
      • Corin Jones My daughter had her first visit when she was 2 weeks old! She had a grinding sacrum (noticed by the midwives who attended her birth) and a pulled left neck muscle. It did wonders! Immediately after he fixed her neck, she could turn her head both ways! Before that, I had noticed her keeping her head to one side.
      • Casey Bianco My daughter has been going since she was 2 or 3 months old! I would swear by her!!
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      • Kristin Larson Hale Right after birth. Mine go once a week.
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      • Maria Rodriguez How frequently should someone take their child to a chiropractor?
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      • Kelly Alpacapeople We start w/in 6 weeks of birth.
      • Dayna Haines There is no benefit in taking a child to a chiropractor for health care. They are not trained to treat illness. Take your child to a real medical doctor if they get ill and skip the immunizations.
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      • Wikum Sandy Once a week ? Why ?
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      • Wikum Sandy My chiropractor was in the delivery room when his grand kids were helped into the world . And worked on them there.
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