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Near­ing the end of Octo­ber, the NHL and NFL sea­sons are well under way. In recent months, both leagues have been under scrutiny over con­cus­sions suf­fered by play­ers. Just this past Sep­tem­ber the NFL set­tled with their for­mer play­ers to the tune of $765 mil­lion. How­ever, these issues aren’t just iso­lated to the pro­fes­sional paid ath­lete, but also preva­lent in the ama­teur sports arena as well. Last year, there was an arti­cle writ­ten in the Globe and Mail oncon­cus­sions sus­tained by chil­dren play­ing Pee­wee hockey in Ottawa. How­ever, sports aren’t the only avenues one can receive a con­cus­sion. Even with­out direct trauma to the head, whiplash from a car acci­dent as innocu­ous as a fender ben­der can lead to a con­cus­sion. One of my biggest pet peeves occurs when a con­cus­sion gets labeled as a mild brain injury when in fact there is noth­ing mild about direct trauma to the brain.
That’s why it is so impor­tant to know the signs and symp­toms. The fol­low­ing are just a few of the symp­toms that con­cus­sions can appear as. Seek out a health pro­fes­sional if you have suf­fered from any of the fol­low­ing signs:
  • Headaches or feel­ing of pres­sure in the head
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Con­fu­sion or feel­ing of being in a fog
  • Amne­sia around the trau­matic event
  • Dizzi­ness
  • Ring­ing in the ears
  • Nau­sea or vomiting
  • Slurred speech
  • Fatigue
It is impor­tant to note that those signs and symp­toms may not appear imme­di­ately but can also show up hours or even days later. Web­sites, such as the Mayo Clinic have good infor­ma­tion about con­cus­sions and what to do about them.
While it’s always impor­tant to teach our chil­dren the proper tech­niques of tack­ling or check­ing another player, there will always be sit­u­a­tions where trau­mas and unfor­tu­nately, con­cus­sions, will occur. That’s why aware­ness about con­cus­sions and the signs and symp­toms should be widely recognized.

Doctors such as myself, are training in helping to improve your neurological health if you have a concussion or not.

I just had a patient present to my office after being hit in the back of her head by another women's LARGE purse. The impact was great enough, it send her glasses flying 15 ft from her. As a result, she had 6 of these symptoms. After properly evaluating her, she is currently getting the care she needs. Many of her symptoms are improving after just a few visits to my office.

Seek out a Doctor of Chiropractic for an evaluation today.

Thank you!

Dr. Jon Wise

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