Thursday, August 8, 2013

5 smart Nutritional Tips for Parents

Dr. Marcus Ettinger
  1. Be a healthy meal role model.  Parents who eat healthy meals and who eat together as a family are setting a good example for their child, without even trying.  (Make the shake below for the whole family – share breakfast and better health together).
  2. Plan a grocery list with your child. Thinking about and talking over what belongs on the family grocery list is a fun way to make every voice count.  It teaches personal accountability, responsibility and it’s also a time-saver once you get to the store.
  3. Shopping for food with your child reinforces a team approach to your family’s healthy lifestyle and can be a smart way to empower your child to make healthy food choices for the rest of their lives.  Watch-out, your child may even teach you a thing or two.
  4. Have some fun in the kitchen with your child.  Simple and healthy home cooking creates a way for your child to gain important skills and bond with other family members.  It also helps them to gain self-confidence for everyday challenges.
  5. Strike an important balance.  A healthy lifestyle includes many things such as healthy eating, fun exercise, laughter, personal safety….  Make sure to incorporate each of these in your daily interactions with your child.

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