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Children and Chiropractic: A review of the Literature

Children and Chiropractic: A review of the Literature 
By Dr. Jon Wise DC, CCWP

Dr. G Guttman, a German physician, back in the 1987 preformed and published research that demonstrated what he called a "Blocked atlantalnerve syndrome" in babies. His works was published in "Manuelle Medizin", A German medical journal.

This study included 1,000 infants in which he identified this syndrome and then adjusted their spines to restore proper which improved the neurological functioning of the Atlantal nerve.

In his own words: "A syndrome that so far has received too little attention, which is caused and perpetuated in babies and infants by blocked nerve impulses at the atlas." (in the upper neck) He continue to states: "the clinical picture ranges from central motor impairment and development through diencephalic impairments of vegetative regular systems to lowered resistance to infections, especially to ears, nose and throat infections."

He states the main factor in the causation was btwn the neurophysiological connections btwn the area of the atlanto-occitial joint and the centers in the brain stem. He states that adjustments, chiropractic care since we are the doctors trained in adjusting the spine, "often brings about amazingly successful results..." He concludes by stating that 80% of all children he has examined in the past had autonomic imbalances and indeed had a "atlas blockage" or subluxation of the atlanto-occipital joint.

So what we need to know since some of this might go over some peoples heads is: Dr. Guttman was a medical doctor/researcher that preformed lots of studies in Germany on spinal adjustments for children and adults. He back in the 1980's validated (not the first) in a major 1,000 infant study the need for spinal check ups. The occipital-atlanto-axial joint complex in the upper neck of everyone, most especially children is a common area of dysfunction and damage. Many studies have demonstrated that this damage happens during normal childbirth as the doctor is pulling and tugging the infant out to assist in childbirth.

To keep the post short, Please have yourself and your children checked by a Board Certified Chiropractor to see if your spine is out of alignment and irritation your nervous system which will decrease your spinal-neurological hygiene. If your nervous system is unable to properly control your body, things will not function right. If your body is not able to function right for years, the body will start to break down... In a society where 80% of the citizens are already diagnosis with a Chronic Disease, we have lots of examples on how the body is breaking down...

Some Chiropractors, like myself have specialized training in treating children. You will need to find out if that doctor is comfortable and capable of taking care of your child's needs. You can also use to find docs who are adjusting kids and who have specialized training like myself to take care of children!

Take Care and thanks for reading.............
Dr. Jon Wise DC, CCWP

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