Thursday, December 20, 2012



People in the U.S. and World are showing signs of decreased energy, weakened immune system, lack of coordination, failure to thrive, body chemistry imbalances, body discomfort and openmindaphobia just to list a few. Complications are decreased quality of life and failure to reach maximum performance. Without the help of a "specifically trained health professional"*, a person often ends up with degenerative joint disease, arthritis and needless suffering from other secondary health conditions. This condition affects people of all ages, shapes and sizes - it does not discriminate. Often affecting those upon birth and throughout life while remaining under the medical dx and tx radar for years until a person is properly informed and helped by a caring specially trained health professional.

What is it?....Vertebral Subluxations

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Dr. Jon Wise, DC, CCWP
Nevada's First and Only Certified Wellness Physician

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