Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Incredible Body

Our Incredible Body
1. You are made of 60 trillion cells.
2. You have 600 muscles and 206 bones.
3. It takes 40 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile.
4. There are more than 600 muscles in your body. To press a barbell
over your head takes 200 of them, - 31 in your face alone.
5. 3 million red blood cells are made per minute.
6. RBC’s live approximately 120 days and make 300,000 trips though the
blood stream; that’s almost 2-trips per minute.
7. If all of your blood vessels were placed end to end, they would
stretch around the world 12 times!
8. The heart weighs less than one pound and yet beats approximately
40 million times per year.
9. The heart pumps 2.5 gallons per minute or 1,314,000 gallons per year.
10. The energy output of the heartbeat in a 24-hour period alone
is enough to raise three fully-loaded Greyhound buses off the
11. The lungs use about 90-gallons of pure oxygen per day.
12. Because of the alveoli (tiny projections in the lungs), the
surface area of the lungs is approximately 40-60 square miles.
13. We take approximately 9-million breaths per year.
14. Our lungs pump approximately 2-gallons of air per minute while at rest
and approximately 26-gallons of air per minute while exercising.
15. Stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) is so strong, that one drop of it
on the skin will leave a painful blister, but the stomach is left unharmed.
16. The stomach produces 2.5-quarts of acid per day.
17. Over the course of a 70-year life span, the stomach will have
produced 60,000 quarts of acid to help digest 40-tons of food.
18. FEVER: The body produces interferon (a natural virus fighting chemical)
and when the body’s temperature is elevated (as with fever), it is produced
in greater quantities and becomes more efficient. White blood
cells (main defense against microorganisms) speed more quickly to fight
off infection; they also become more active. Iron, which many germs
thrive on, is with drawn from the blood and stored in the liver. And, the
body’s chemical reaction rate is accelerated during a fever.
19. Nerves transmit their signals at 300 m.p.h..
20. Your nervous system controls all of your body’s systems and
21. There are 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) in the human body. If you
were going to count all 100 billion cells at the rate of 1 per second, it would
take 3,171 years!
22. Your brain is like a computer, although it always stays “ON”, actively
working for your whole body. It organizes all of the functions of
your body’s billions of cells.
23. Your brain sends electrical impulses down your spinal column through the
nerves to your whole body.
24. Light pressure on a spinal nerve root can lessen your nerve
transmission as much as 40%. This can negatively affect any part of
your health.􀀯
25. Nerves can become stretched, overstimulated or irritated with spinal
misalignment, causing an increase in nerve transmission. 􀀯
26. When your nervous system functions correctly, you can be truly

Thank you,
Dr. Jon Wise

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