Saturday, August 18, 2012

It is pseudo-science, unethical and negligent to...

It is pseudo-science, unethical and negligent to:

1. Ignore references presenting adverse reactions to vaccines.

2. Minimize the negative effects of vaccines by limiting recognition of adverse reactions. Less than 10% of adverse reactions are reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

3. Not following up on adverse reactions or “hot” lots of vaccines (no lots have ever been recalled).

4. Providing no funding for research into adverse reactions that have been documented and listed in the Institute of Medicine Texts on adverse reactions.

5. Not communicating to physicians via MMR reports or medical society communications that certain vaccines have been reported to induce reactions and to closely monitor these reactions.

6. Not communicating to parents what to do before vaccinating their children.

7. Not assessing childhood immune systems prior to vaccinating them.

8. Not providing parents with lists of adverse reactions that may occur and teaching them how to recognize adverse reactions and what to do thereafter.

9. Having only drug companies do safety studies on vaccines (no studies go beyond 2 weeks).

10. Having research funds directed to the development of new vaccines and none for studying those at risk of adverse reactions or the adverse reaction association itself.

11. Having the same individuals recommending vaccines to the government also report on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines.

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