Thursday, August 16, 2012



Simple Questions to know well in advanced before you decide to vaccinate or choose not to vaccinate.
Besure when you are looking into the answers, check all pro and cons websites. Please make sure they are very reliable websites like or I can easily answer everyone for myself and my family and give you all the right information even on this blog post, but I am going to make you work for it. I have several blog post on vaccines with actual valid public health data for many many many years... Either of the two websites above can help educate yourself as well!

1. Are vaccines effective?

  • Temporary immunity/deferred susceptibility.
  • Primary and Secondary Immune failure

2. Are vaccines safe?

  • Doctors, legislators, parents not informed.

3. Informed consent or conscription?

4. Avoid vaccine reactions by asking:

  • Is my child sick right now?
  • Do I know if my child is at risk?
  • History in family of vaccine reactions or health problems?
  • Do I know the adverse reactions to the vaccines given to my child?
  • Do I know the manufacturer and lot number of the vaccine?
  • Do I know how to report an adverse reaction?

5. Do I know my rights under the state law to exempt my child from vaccines?

6. If I choose not to vaccinate my child, do I know how to recognize and appropriately manage illnesses that vaccines claim to protect against?

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