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Fight Infections Naturally

Fight Infections Naturally

Dietary Supplementations
-Isolated nutrients, the deficiency of which have been shown in scientific tests to suppress immune functions
-Vitamin A (take as beta-carotene) (5,000 IU)
-Vitamin C (4-10 grams), depending on constitution
-Vitamin D3 (2-4000 IU)
-Vitamin E (400 IU)

Generally speaking, it is best to take a vitamin and mineral supplement that contains a wide variety of major nutrients and trace minerals in a natural food base. It has been demonstrated that an excess of one isolated nutrient may interfere with the uptake or utilization of another

Herbal Supplements
-Anti-viral herbs:
-Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano
-St. John’s Wort: 1 dropper full of the liquid extract 2x daily every other day
-Garlic: 2-4 capsules daily—long term use
-Lomatium: “lomatium isolate,” follow directions on the bottle
-Osha: liquid extract, 2 droppers twice daily as a stimulant
-Isatis: Short-term use as a strong antiviral (Chinese Herbs)
-Licorice extract: small amounts daily (2-4 grams)
-Shiitake extract: LEM 4-8 Grams daily, mushroom extract, add to diet
-Momordica (bitter melon): grow your own, use as enema

Surface Immune Support for short-term infections
-Echinacea: up to 2 dropperfuls 4x daily
-Baptisia: with echinacea, 1 dropper full 2x daily
-Thuja: with echinacea, 1 dropper full 2x daily

Deep Immune support
-Astragalus: 4-12 grams daily in tea, add to soups, etc.
-Ligustrum: 4-8 grams daily in tea, cooking, liquid extracts
-Codonopsis: 4-12 grams for energy, add to food, make tea
-Reishi: 1-30 grams daily as tea, in cooking, as extract
-Shiitake: 4-8 fruiting bodies in food, tea, make concentrated extract, LEM
Cook with these herbs in soups and stews, or take a powdered or liquid extract in tablet, capsule or in drops.

Stress/Adrenal Support
-Eleuthero: 2-4 droppers full of the liquid extract 2x daily
-Schisandra: with eleuthero 1-2 grams daily
-Reishi: 1-30 grams daily, depending on need
-Ginseng (Panax): Ginsana, liquid extract, tea, etc. 2-6 grams daily

Liver Support
-Milk Thistle extract (70%): 2-4 capsules daily
-Tumeric extract: as tea, in cooking, as an extract (small amounts)
-Schisandra extract: as a tincture or powdered extract

Anti-Oxidant Therapy
-Nutrients: Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium
-Herbs: rosemary tea, ginkgo standardized extract (24%)

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