Monday, June 25, 2012

Proven Benefits of Movement and Energy Expenditure

Proven Benefits of Movement and Energy Expenditure

• Prevent up to 91% of cases of type 2 diabetes and obesity (obesity and diabetes cost 519 MILLION DOLLARS per DAY!! in the U.S.)
• Prevent up to 50% of all cases of heart disease (heart disease alone kills 950,000 people per year, accounts for 41% of all deaths and costs 501 MILLION DOLLARS per DAY!! in the U.S.)
• Reduce risk of stroke by 25-30%
• Prevent up to 50% of all stroke deaths
• Reduce congestive heart disease deaths by 63%
• Reduce hospital readmission for heart failure patients by 71%
• Normalize blood pressure
• Reduce risk of developing high blood pressure
• Restore/maintain heart and blood vessel health
• Restore/maintain normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
• Reduce breast cancer by up to 60%
• Reduce pancreatic cancer in overweight people by up to 50%
• Reduce lung cancer in smokers by up to 72%
• Reduce melanoma cases by up to 72%
• Prevent up to 50% of colon cancer
• Reduce risk of and improve rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
• Prevent osteoporosis (just the fractures from osteoporosis costs $38 MILLION per DAY in U.S.)
• Increase new bone formation
• Increase strength, flexibility, balance
• Decrease gall bladder removal by 20%
• Decrease gallstone formation
• Improve digestion and decrease indigestion
• Improve bowel function and elimination
• Increase immune system function
• Increase macrophage (anti-tumor) activity and antioxidant levels
• Decrease all cause mortality by 67% in general population
• Decrease all cause mortality by 50% in 61-81 year-olds
• Prevent up to 47% of cognitive impairment
• Prevent up to 62% Alzheimer’s and 52% of dementia
• Significantly improve physical function in older adults
• Decrease chance of ever being in a nursing home
• Decrease rate of aging
• Enhance learning capacity by up to 12 TIMES!
• Increase serotonin levels (‘feel-good’ hormone)
• Decrease depression by 20% (including relapses)
• Increase Growth and Healing Hormones
• Decrease stress and body breakdown hormones

Roberts, C.K. & Barnard, J.B. Effects of exercise and diet on chronic disease. 2005 J. Appl Physiol 98 3-30.

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