Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is your back killing you?

Is Your Back ‘Killing’ You?

If you’ve ever heard of or used the term, “my back is killing me”, you may actually be literally right! You see your back is your spine and inside the bones of the spine is your life line. This is your spinal cord which is an extension of your brain. From the spinal cord are nerves and this whole system; the nervous system is what runs you. It runs all systems and is like an electricity switchboard sending messages from your brain to every cell, tissue and organ in your body. If the bones of the spine are not in alignment; even just the slightest, it causes a distorted message.

Imagine trying to turn on a light with a blown fuse? Imagine trying to drive a car with the chassis out of alignment? The wheels would wear out on one side, right? This is just like what happens to your body. Hippocrates; the Father of medicine said; “In all disease, first look to the spine.” This is quite profound as he recognized the relationship between what runs us and illness.

What changes your spinal alignment are not just physical things like bumps, falls, accidents and even the birthing process itself. But there are emotional and chemical interferences to the nervous system too that causes our bodies to go into what’s called a fight or flight posture, like a boxer. This is our body’s clever way of adapting but it also creates an excess adrenalin and cortisol release which disturbs the body’s natural chemical balance.

Having regular chiropractic care, coupled with a diet of fresh foods that are as close to nature as possible will help to change your posture and in turn change your chemical and emotional status. Chiropractors are the only health professionals in the world, trained to detect and correct vertebral subluxations

Andi Lew

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