Monday, May 14, 2012

How I Got My Wiggle Back: The Miracle of Chiropractic

Dr. Wise's Comments:
Every day we bombard our lifes with physical, chemical and emotional stressors. When these stressors are negative, such as falling down, eating foods laced with chemicals, it having constant negative emotional thoughts/fights, it tends to have a negative effect on our health. When those stressors are positive, such as exercising, stretching, getting adjusted, eating organic fruits and veggies while thinking or having positive emotional thoughts/relationships, those stressors create a positive effect on your life. 

Chiropractic Care takes pressure off the nervous system. It helps to remove those stressors though the adjustment or through lifestyle education. When this happens, the body is now capable of attempting to heal and overcome the stressors that created the negative health outcome... The reason why WE are the 2nd largest health care profession in the world and the first health care profession who's goal is to adress the underlying cause of health issues!

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