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Dr. Sears - So autism is common. Who cares?

By: Dr. Bob Sears – Pediatrician and TACA Physician Advisory Member

Before you yell at me for the title, pause and sense the sarcasm. I do care; I care deeply. As a full-time practicing pediatrician, I have continued to witness an alarming increase in the number of healthy babies in my practice who regress into autism during the second year of life. And it’s been rising every year; I feel as if I’m having the “your baby may have autism” talk with more and more of my patients now compared to 14 years ago when I started.

Here’s what I’m mad about: Most of the headlines, commentaries, and comments I’ve seen since the CDC announced the new autism rate of 1 in 88 kids yesterday say DON’T PANIC, IT’S NOT REALLY RISING, SO IT’S OKAY – THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

I’d like to know why the freaking heck the autism rate is 1 in 88 in the first place? WHY ON EARTH ARE WE, AS A SPECIES, CREATING SUCH A HIGH RATE OF OFFSPRING THAT HAVE DEVELOPMENTAL PROBLEMS? All I see are people breathing a sigh of relief that it “isn’t really” on the rise. But keep in mind that this latest number is for children born in 2000. And it’s a 23% rise over those born in 1998. And it’s 78% higher than those born in 1994. If that doesn’t scare you, then I don’t know what will. So, how about the babies born today? What will their rate be? 1 in 20? 1 in 10? We only have about 10 years to wait until we find out (since the CDC waits until kids are 8 years old in order to study them). What does the rate have to climb to for people to finally wake up and smell the epidemic?

Let’s stop pretending autism isn’t a skyrocketing problem and do something about it. Ok, I know we are making some effort to determine the cause and find effective treatments, but the reactions to this study make it seem like people are purposely trying to keep the FACT that autism IS truly rising a secret in order to avoid a panic. That way, they can keep doing their research at a snail’s pace instead of treating this as the epidemiological emergency that it really is.

What I see that many in the media don’t see is the families. They come in my office for help every day. The families are struggling. The kids affected are struggling. We need to respond to help these families and their children.

Instead of seeing the CDC conclude in their study “ASDs continue to be an important public health concern . . . underscoring the need for continued resources,” but let’s not worry in the meantime because it’s “not really rising,” I’d like to see someone from the CDC write, “OM-freakin-G, autism affects 1 in 54 boys! What the heck is going on! Let’s figure this out!” MORE RESOURCES, MORE RESEARCH, MORE HELP NOW!

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autismtymz2 permalink

April 10, 2012 9:01 am

Thank you Dr. Sears! It is great to know the apple did not fall far from the tree

Why it matters; Married 20 years with 4 kids, 2 of which deal with the devestating effects of Infantile Autism. As we did not have the best role models, we learned to be great attached parents by attending local LLLI meetings, talking with LLLI Leaders and meeting their families, and from the books “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding”, “The Baby Book”, “The Fussy Baby Book”.

Our 2 sons live in a world that does not understand why Autism is such a big deal, but that doesn’t matter…

…just like we learned to respond compassionately to their needs as infants, we persistently continue to listen and understand what they are communicating to us today.

It is time for the CDC to listen and react with compassion.

Jenn permalink

April 10, 2012 9:47 am

Great read! The CDC wants to push this under the rug and make it seem less than it is because they KNOW vaccines are the largest contributing environmental factor. And once the rest of America wakes up the number will continue to rise.

LB permalink

April 10, 2012 11:26 am

Thank you Dr. Sears for the sane and reasonable words that so many other so-called professionals just cannot seem to say. To anyone in the CDC, media or in other government agency reading today, please HELP, HELP US NOW! Please do multiple in-depth investigative reports that play on mainstream networks, then call for congressional hearings on the out right coverup of this issue. Just think, someone in the media field could be the hero in this unbelievable, historical coverup of the destruction of so many young lives.

nancy greer permalink

April 10, 2012 2:24 pm

The CDC and the rest of the world better wake up and realize that Autism is still on the rise and see what they can do to help support those parents that are dealing with it. I have a 19 yr. old grandson that is an acceptionaly high functioning young man that started college this year and making all A’s & 1 B+. He is the acception because most Autistic kiddos don’t end up doing as well. The sad thing in all this is that they are really geniouses but have something in their brain that doesn’t work completely the way it should. Thank God that my daughter figured out how to work with him to get him to where he is today. It has been a 24/7 thing for year upon year of training (yes, I said training) him with no outside help…it just wasn’t there 19 yrs. ago. Now you can get help but it is going to (COST) you a lot of money. Insurance doesn’t cover and there is no organization that helps to pay for teaching either. Somebody needs to step in with the finances to help these families.

cia parker permalink

April 11, 2012 6:45 am

I have read your Vaccine Book and Autism Book many times, as well as all of your father’s books. My daughter was given the hep-B vaccine at the hospital when she was born, even though I had tested negative and I had told her pediatrician I absolutely didn’t want her to get it, as I had read it often caused autism. They gave it to her her first day of life without even asking permission. She reacted with four days and nights of endless screaming, vaccine-induced encephalitis, and was later diagnosed with autism. I have cited in many places your research finding that only 360 kids a year were diagnosed with it before the shot program began in 1991, but the researchers artificially inflated the numbers to 30,000 to get the program started, resulting in permanent damage to hundreds of thousands of babies.

If even in your office you are finding that more and more kids have autism, I’d like to respectfully suggest that you consider whether it’s a good idea to give young babies, or even older one, the DTaP, Hib, Prevnar, and rotavirus vaccines several times each in their first six months. I believe that they are often to blame for causing autism. I understand that these are diseases which sometimes occur in young babies, and can be devastating. But it may be that it’s time to do a new risk/benefit analysis, and present it to the parents for their ultimate decision, including the quite high risk of autism probably caused by vaccines in the analysis. As well as the others, varicella, hepatitis A, flu, and especially the MMR. The hep-B should not be considered for children born to healthy mothers at any time. The pertussis vaccine causes asthma at a rate of one in nine (Manitoba study 1998), as well as allergies, SIDS, seizure disorders, and sometimes autism. The pertussis vaccine is not even that effective: my daughter had gotten the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, and still caught it at a La Leche League meeting when she was 9 months old, and gave it to me. 91% of those who caught pertussis two years ago in California had been appropriately vaccinated for it. Maybe it would be better to promote the quarantine at home of babies less than four months old, the only group at much risk from it.

Lisa Ackerman permalink*

April 11, 2012 3:17 pm

Dear Ohio Conservative

There are several more blogs posted here on TACANow that talk about this very important topic.
Here is a recent UC Mind study that states there is just MORE AUTISM:
Please read the other posts in March and April with other references. Sadly, there is just more autism.

Take care, Lisa @ TACA

abuela permalink

April 11, 2012 11:31 am

Thank you! Finally a pediatrician who takes this seriously and cares about these children and their families.

I have no autistic child myself, but I’m very interested in what the cause to the increased rate in ASD could be..

What are your thoughts on the following:

There is a correlation between iron deficiency and autism:

“Ferritin and iron levels in children with autistic disorder”

and there is a correlation between premature umbilical cord clamping and iron defciency:

“Effect of delayed versus early umbilical cord clamping on neonatal outcomes and iron status at 4 months: a randomised controlled trial”

Could the increase in cord blood banking/donation (which requires immediate cord clamping) during the last decades explain the increased rate in autism ?

drjonwise permalink

April 11, 2012 3:11 pm

As a Practicing Doctor and working towards a fellowship in pediatrics, I completely agree!!! It’s a MAJOR issue and the rates are constantly rising!!! So what has changed? Why is it we have more cases today then ever before in the history of mankind? CDC and many many medical doctors along with the Big Pharma will tell you “Its because of better diagnosis testing…” Bullshit! They use the same criteria today as they did 60 years ago…

Something has changed! I give you the answer… Our Lifestyles!!! Mom’s and Dad’s are more toxic today then ever before. How can a two unhealthy people come together and create an healthy offspring? Mom’s diets and lifestyle during pregnancy for the most part is full to toxins and chemicals… Devote of great nutrition! Baby is born and lacks the proper nutrition for a few reasons: Babies are sucking back sugars by eating/drinking Formula! Moms dont breastfeed, or dont breastfeed long enough… Parents move them to solid foods to early (and those choices are rice or cherrios – garbage!)

Then we have Pediatricians forcing vaccines into the children. When in nature did a species have multiple viral infections at the same time coupled with the heavy metals, preservatives and other crap they add to the vaccines to help preserve them for years to come. Studies have shown that vaccines are not effective and you hardly ever see an outbreak of these childhood viruses in un-vaccinated children…

I can keep going on and on and on… We are lazy as a species, we sit more, we have more physical, chemical and emotional stress then every before…

I dont see anything changing until the population as a whole finally says ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

My 2 cents are in.. I wish I could throw in a few million dollars worth but I now have patients waiting on me and thats not acceptable in my office!

Sandra permalink

April 11, 2012 9:00 pm

This is scarey. I have four granddaughters and three have problems. None diagnosed with autism at this time, but I wonder about the youngest two.Is it really from the vaccines, or environmental?

drjonwise permalink

April 12, 2012 8:22 am

Sandra, its a bit of both! look at my post a few spots above yours… Vaccines have severely contributed to the problem, but I dont believe it is the 100% root of the problem… I have a few patients dx with autism that have never had a vaccine. But in those cases, I look at mother and fathers health and diet before conception and mom’s lifestyle during pregnancy. All cases, the lifestyles where not very favorable… Junk and fast foods, sodas, alcohol, preservatives, heavy metals, heavy chemical exposure, tv/pc junkies, overweight and the list can go on and on… Long story is that the majority of children and adults with autism have had all there +39 vaccines and the parents told me they started seeing behavior changes soon after the first rounds of vaccines. Their pediatricians told them it was a normal developmental pattern and they will grow out of it… Those same peds then diagnosed the condition and said it had nothing to do with the vaccines and reconmended more vaccines… Its a crying shame!!! and it makes me sick to my stomach…

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