Friday, March 16, 2012



I had just arrived at the café of my favorite bookstore on a rainy Saturday morning. I was armed with a briefcase full of work and was looking forward to a couple of hours of light work and some recreational reading. I was only a couple of pages into the latest issue of Scientific America, when I noticed her out of the corner of my eye. She appeared to be in her late 40’s and was carrying a large stack of the local city newspaper. She also seemed to be staring at me as if she knew me. I looked up as she approached my table. “Excuse me, is your name Keith”? She asked. I replied yes. She held out her hand—I’m Ellen Farber, we met about five years ago…….I was in an auto accident and was required to attend a health class at the Chiropractor’s office….you were the guest speaker at that class.. I struggled to remember the woman, but had no recollection of her. “Ellen, I apologize, I do a lot of lectures each year and I meet a lot of people. She interrupted me and said…”I have a son named Eric”. Eric…the light bulb in my brain went on and I immediately remembered this woman and her son. Eric had accompanied his mother to the class. He was small and frail. I estimated him to be 9-10 years old, but he was actually 13. He fidgeted throughout the entire class. I remembered talking with his mother after the class and she cited just a partial list of his health history including allergies, asthma, ADD, ear infections, sinus infections, digestive disorders, chronic colds, the list seemed endless. I was certain that he has a number of spinal subluxations, and I remember telling his mother that he was certainly a candidate for chiropractic care. “Ellen, I do remember you and your son Eric, how is he doing” She stared at me for several seconds. I could not tell if she was suppressing a smile or a frown. “Well, I certainly remember you Keith” she said. “There I was, a single mother working two jobs to make ends meet, I had just been in an auto accident and did not have a vehicle, I was already paying all kinds of money for Eric’s medical treatment and you wanted me to spend additional money and time on Chiropractic for him. I was really angry with you that evening.” Then, just ever so slightly she smiled and said “After we talked that night, I did sign up Eric for a Chiropractic exam and I went ahead and committed to the adjustment schedule that the doctor recommended” She paused again. “So how is Eric doing,” I asked, She took the top newspaper from the stack and opened it up to the sports page and laid it down in front of me. The top story showed a picture of a high school football player catching a touchdown pass. The headline read FARBER SELECTED TO FIRST TEAM ALL STATE. It was the same Eric, only instead of being a small, frail teenager; he was a 5’11” 185lb muscular athlete. I looked back at his mother. She said “Eric was never the same after he began chiropractic care. We saw the change in his health immediately, not only did he physically improve, but his attitude changed along with his grades, in fact he will graduate in the top five in his class and he has both athletic and academic scholarships from over 25 universities” she said proudly. She reached out and touched my shoulder “Thank you Keith” and she turned and walked away. There are literally hundreds of thousands…maybe millions of children like just Eric out in the world. They and their parents are waiting to hear the Chiropractic story and are waiting to see their entire lives change.

Keith Wassung

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