Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vaccine Reactions: Genes or not our genes is the question

Facebook Post: I just learned from my father that he had a stroke in 1990, within a short time of when he received his last flu vaccine. My dad and I have been estranged for many years and have only recently renewed our relationship. (thank-you, God). My father did not know that after my one-and-only flu vaccine (at age 30) I ended up in Neuro-Intensive Care for 5 days with my blood pressure so high (240/210 at one point), the nurse told my sister he had not seen anyone with such high BP that did not have a stroke. My daughter is seriously vaccine-injured. We need to be asking the questions and checking the medical records not only of our children, but also of our parents. This may lead to important clues as to the susceptibility of subsequent generations to vaccine-injury.
My response: 
Ask yes, but I am afraid to tell you that reaction is not genetic. Family history will only be beneficial if you go back 100's of generations... Many Many Many people have vaccine reactions, whether they are very minor and not noticable or very servere. Whether they show up in an instant or it takes 30-40 years to show up. Vaccine injury is a hard subject to talk about because there are soo many variables that needs to be taken into consideration.

But here is the biggest question: Do we need vaccines to get and stay well? The answer is no. Vaccines have not been around since the dawn of time. They are relatively new (last few 100 years...) and I have not seen once piece of valid research study to prove the Validity that it is safe for humans and it truely prevents the claims that the multi-billion dollar a year drug companies state. There are tons of society at do not vaccinated and they do not have the same disease rates as we do... Proof is in the pudding, as we have to do is open up out eyes and see...

Marcella: keep up everything you do for educating the public about vaccine injuries... Prevention is the key, but that means preventing the toxin to enter our body in the first place... If someone wants antibodies to a virus, just inject the virus, not the garbage in it...
 Another FB Reponse: 
Jon.. with all due respect you are SO wrong. Vaccine reactions run in families.. they run in mine as well. We have genetic polymorphism called MTHFR and it makes you much more prone to vaccine reactions
 My Response: 
I am fully aware of that claim. It is not the genes... Genes do not turn on and off by random chance. Genes are the blueprint for what the human body requires in life. It tells us what species we belong to and who we can successfully mate with to produce offsprings. Your genetic code is 100% identical to my genetic code! Its Identical to everyone's genetic code. The human genome has not changed in well over 40,000 years. What turns on one gene vs. the next is based on your environment. Phyenotypical expression is what makes you different then myself and different then everyone else. There are well over 300,000 different combinations who how genes are expressed. Genes are expressed due to your lifestyle and the physiological adaptations that you have and the adaptations that your bloodlike has made over the history. I will not agree that vaccine reactions is Genetic. This is the field I have been studying and teaching other in for the last 8 years. I do not expect you to know what I know... You are welcome to use my knowledge or you are welcome to start studying the right stuff. I will state as before in prior post, there is a Familiar trends towards health and health issues... for example: Who taught you how to live, how to eat, how to move, how to think? Your parents! Who taught them? Their parents! And their parents? See the point. If everyone in a family has similar lifestyles and put under similar life stresses and they have very very similar phyenotypical expressions of their genes, do you think families might develop similar conditions and reactions to vaccines.

Its a hard concept for most people to hear because we have been brainwashed for years that the reason why we are sick is our genes. The reason why we get cancer is because of our genes... heart disease... diabetes... and the list goes on and on! There are only 2% of the world with a true genetic condition. Meaning, They where born with it and every generation of that family has it that dates back more then one or two or three generations... The whole bloodline! Genes have not changed, so here is the question: Why are we as a human species sick? What has changed in the last 100 years? Why is it over 100 years there was very little chronic diseases. Why is it our grandparents are living longer then our parents or better yet, when they die, how come they do not have the same illness at death that we will have?

These are great questions... We need to be asking these questions and much much more like them... The questions are everything... I have the many of these answers and I educate my patients everyday on how to get well and stay well... Simple concept: Eat Wise, Move Wise and Think Wise...

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