Friday, January 13, 2012

Help Hints for your New Years Weightloss Goals!!!

Are you determined to meet your weight loss goals this year? If healthier habits and weight loss are among your new year's resolutions, give yourself a pat on the back for making health a top priority.

The hard part is actually sticking to it and making real changes! Here are a few tips to help you keep on track with your weight loss resolution.

Write your goals down

If you want to truly do something, write it down. Journals, food diaries and to-do lists are extremely important to your weight loss plan. Brainstorm all of your goals onto one piece of paper and then rewrite each one as a contract with yourself. Put your contract somewhere that will keep you reminded of the promise you have made. The fridge is a great place since this is the main area which will make or break your resolution. Refer to your contract daily to remind yourself of your long-term goal.

Set a definite date

If you just say you're going to meet your goal sometime within the year, that will not work. In fact, you will probably fall into the "I'll start next week" trap. Instead, mark your calendar for a certain date for each goal that you want to achieve. For example, by March you want to be walking 3 miles a day. Setting a definite date is a great way to make sure you stick with your plan!

Remove the temptations

Go into your kitchen and remove all bad foods from your refrigerator and pantry. This includes all snack foods such as cakes, pies, cookies, chips, sugar colas, crackers and any "empty calorie" foods that will impede on your weight loss goals. This step is very crucial step since the temptation to cheat will be increased 10-fold if you have cheat foods lingering inside your home. If you don't remove these tempting items, it will only be a matter of time before you breakdown and dive head first into the cookie jar at 2am in the morning for a binge! Fill your kitchen with healthy, nutrient dense food, such as:

• Lean protein (chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, egg whites)
• Fresh fruits (oranges, apples, grapes, strawberries)
• Raw vegetables (mushrooms, broccoli, squash, green beans, red peppers)
• Healthy snack foods (non-fat cottage cheese, sugar free jello, protein bar)
• Bottled Water

Meet mini-goals

Make small changes every week and they will add up in time. It's easier to move little pebbles than an entire mountain, right? Here are some examples of weekly changes you could incorporate into mini-goals:

• Week One: Drink 10 glasses of water per day.
• Week Two: Take the steps at work instead of the elevator.
• Week Three: Switch to diet sodas.
• Week Four: Eliminate fried foods.
• Week Five: Begin eating one vegetarian meal per week.
Friends for ever

You don't have to go it alone! Tell your friends and family what you want to accomplish and tell them how they can help you (and warn them of what doesn't help). Telling someone else your goals will probably make you feel that much more dedicated to reaching them. Who knows, maybe you'll even find a weight loss buddy among your peers who will join you on your journey to weight loss. Two heads are always better than one, especially when it comes to staying motivated!

Document everything

Keep a detailed record of your weight loss, dietary intake and how your feeling. By keeping this diet diary and journal, you will be able to truly see what your consuming, where your problem areas are, how your emotional state is.

Photograph yourself

Pictures don't lie. Buy an inexpensive digital camera and take a pictures of yourself every week in your bikini or swimsuit. Snap 3 pictures ever week including a profile shot, frontal shot and rear shot. Include these with your diet diary and journal so you can see how your body looks each week while you make changes to your diet and exercise program. Remember, sometimes the scale does lie. Even though your scale may read that you have gained 2 pounds over the last 3 weeks, this could very easily be 3 pounds of lean muscle. Lean muscle is an extremely metabolic tissue and the more you have, the more calories you burn even when you’re just sitting around! By adding photos of yourself, you will be able to reference your physical appearance from week to week. This basically takes the guess work out of losing weight and is crucial for any permanent weight loss plan.

Set realistic goals

Remember, it did not take you 2 weeks to gain those extra 25 pounds so it definitely will not take only 2 weeks to lose it all! You gradually gained the weight over several months and even years, so always remember that you're in this for the long haul. Its a marathon not a sprint and with this mind set you will be able to create new healthy habits which will eventually turn your "diet" into a truly healthy lifestyle to last a lifetime!

By incorporating the important tips above, you will have a better road map to succeed with your new year's weight loss resolution!

For those who have a really tough time dropping the weight on your own, have you looked into a Medical Supervised Diet and Lifestyle Change? Here at my office, I offer several weightloss solutions. One of the number one choices is the HCG Weightloss System. I will be happy to educate you on the subject. For those who are not interested in doing the HCG program, please feel free to talk with me to discuss all of your options.

What is HCG? HCG, “human Chorionic Gonadotropin” is a naturally produced hormone found in pregnant women. Research from Physicians has shown that it helps the body burn more fat when combined with a low calorie diet.

How does HCG work? When HCG is combined with a very low calorie diet it releases abnormal fat deposits and makes the fat available for consumption by the body. This enables a person to stick to the diet and lose on average a pound of fat per day.

HCG has been on the cutting edge of weightloss for the last several years. It has spawn soo much hype that many individuals are looking towards the concepts of losing rapid weightloss. There are also many people out there that understand this idea and are lurking in the shadows to prey upon you. HCG is one of those drugs that have two forms: Pharmaceutical and Homeopathic Grade. Both are excellent forms of HCG to use for this program, but they have to be a actual professional grade hormone. HCG by all definitions is a hormone. This hormone must be prescribed by a licensed doctor. Professional grade hormones are not sold to the public, meaning that the only individual who can purchase a real, professional hormone is a doctor or pharmacy. There are 1,000's of online websites that claim they offer HCG or the "Real HCG." Please be very cautious of these websites and always remember the fact that professional hormones can only be sold to the professionals, Doctors.

Because of all the non-professional and non-regulated HCG on the markets, the FDA decided to step in to put a stop to all the nonsense. But now there is a new issue brewing! The FDA has not nor will not approve HCG for weightloss. The FDA has now started to crack down on ever professional who is prescribing HCG for weightloss. Many FDA regulated laboratories who once manufactured HCG for doctors have decided to stop the production because of what the FDA could do in the future. Many of these companies to keep FDA status figure it is not worth the hassle to manufacture HCG which is a small percentage of their annual sales.

Will HCG be available in the future for weightloss? That is a great question, I don’t have the actual answer. But I do have a solution! There is a company here in the states that collected several Biomedical Scientists to study the HCG molecule and figure a way to break it apart, isolate the key parts of that molecule and create a new non-hormone compound that will work just as effective as HCG. These scientists have perfected it! Studies have been being performed for the last year or so. The results are outstanding! The test subjects have been achieving the same results, for some much better results than when they were on HCG alone.

I am telling everyone this because there is an Evolution on the horizon! This new non-hormone HCG is the way to go! Achieve the weightloss without the possible side effects of taking a hormone. For those women who experienced mood swings while being on HCG, well imagine not experiencing those same reactions. Many of the possible side effects of taking hormones will be dissolved!

My office has even been taking part in some of these research trials and I love the results. More information on this is coming really soon! It will be in the office for many patients and future patients to use and start achieving their weightloss goals on a healthier level. My office was once of the first offices to offer the HCG weightloss here in Las Vegas. I will be the first office in Las Vegas to offer this new groundbreaking product. Please stay tuned for the EVOLUTION in HCG!

Thank you,
Dr. Jon Wise

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