Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Does Chiropractic Treat Disease?

Does Chiropractic Treat Disease?

When chiropractors observe that chiropractic care has helped people with virtually every type of
heath problem known to man; some mistakenly think that means that we treat disease.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, we locate and reduce nervous system disturbances (usually along the spine) that
interfere with your ability to be fully you. Being fully you includes everything from turning
bending, walking and sleeping to breathing, fighting infection, digesting food and healing a cut.
When the integrity of your nervous system is restored, your body is more likely to work as it was
designed. Sometimes that capacity returns quickly. For others whose healing ability is limited
by stress, poor nutrition, negative emotions or other factors, it comes more slowly. And for a
few who have neglected their health for years, progress can be so incremental as to appear

Please do not blame chiropractic when results come slowly. Likewise, do not credit chiropractic
when success comes quickly. It is your body that does the healing. What you bring to the table
is actually more important that what we do on the table!

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