Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chiropractic Active Life Plan Explanation

Chiropractic Active Life Plan Explanation (standard)

Chiropractic Active Life Plans are designed to help you and your family reach optimum health now, and over the course of your lifetime. Too many people wait until their health fails before they make it a priority and are paying very heavy prices for this, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude. The fastest growing segment of the population today is centenarians. These are people who are at least 100 years old. Currently there are 70,000 people over the age of 100 in the U.S. With the baby boom generation maturing over the next 50 years, the U.S. Census Bureau expects the number of centenarians to climb to over 4.2 million by the year 2050. The chances of you reaching this milestone are increasing every day. The question is, “What will your health be like when you get there?” The health choices you make today will impact your quality of life in the future.

One of the most common comments heard by seniors is, “If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” We are getting this advance notice that our parents and grandparents didn’t receive. What will you do with this information?

Chiropractic Active Life Plans will help you achieve the quality of life you deserve! There are two types of Chiropractic Active Life Plans: Corrective Adjustment Plans (CAP) and Wellness Adjustment Plans (WAP). At your Chiropractic Report, we will discuss with you the Chiropractic Active Life Plan for which you are eligible so that you can reach all your health objectives.

 Corrective Adjustment Plan (CAP):

A Corrective Adjustment Plan is appropriate if you are currently experiencing pain, sickness, disease, spinal subluxation degeneration, or health problems of any kind. CAPs are designed to help you feel healthy again as quickly as possible and to stabilize your spine. CAPs begin with frequent chiropractic adjustments, usually three times per week, over a short period of time lasting two weeks to a few months. Dynamic exams are performed every 12 visits to determine how your body is healing and how your spine is correcting and stabilizing.

Once your spine is stabilized, your adjustment frequency will be reduced to once per week for the balance of a year. As your Corrective Adjustment Plan winds down, our chiropractic team will discuss your transition into a Wellness Adjustment Plan, so you can continue to remain healthy and active for the rest of your life.

 Wellness Adjustment Plan (WAP)

If you have already completed your Corrective Adjustment Plan with our office or another chiropractor, or if you are extraordinarily healthy and have no spinal subluxation degeneration, then you are ready for a WAP to help you achieve and maintain optimum health.

WAPs consist of weekly, bi-monthly or monthly adjustments (depending on the condition of your spine and your long-term health goals). The more active you are, and the more active and healthy you want to be, the more you will value and appreciate your WAP.

While visiting our office, you may see generations of families on Chiropractic Active Life Plans, enjoying the benefits of the chiropractic lifestyle. As you learn about the benefits of chiropractic care, you too will want your entire family participating in chiropractic care. Both the CAPs and WAPs are available for an individual or for a family. Our family plans make care for your entire family affordable so that everyone can enjoy the good health, an active life, and peak performance that chiropractic care provides.

Congratulations on participating in chiropractic care.

We look forward to helping you achieve all your health goals over the course of your lifetime.

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