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Doctor - the meaning and history of the word by Marcella Piper-Terry

Doctor - the meaning and history of the word
by Marcella Piper-Terry on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 10:57am

This morning I read the following comment, left by a facebook friend who read my note "Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism"

I would like to ask a question....I have a 2 year old son and 10-month old daughter. I'll admit to being uniformed about the vaccine debate. I vaccinated my son according to what I thought was a "mandated" schedule; however, I had heard about the MMR/autism link and I postponed that until the dr. told me I had nothing to worry about, so I believed and proceeded with vaccination. I have vaccinated my 10-month old through her 6-month shots. She has been sick it seems constantly for the last 4 months. Cold-like symptons turning into ear we go...another round of antibiotics and now talk of tubes. So, here is my question: do you believe the immunizations could be causing the sickness? If so, do doctors know this and just aren't telling us???

Here is my response:

Your experience is identical to many of our own. Physicians have been educated in medical schools that are funded by pharmaceutical companies. During medical school, doctors-in-training are put through grueling "study sessions" that are nothing more than memorization of large amounts of material being fed to them. They are discouraged and ridiculed for asking questions that even suggest anything different from the information provided and force fed. They are sleep-deprived and stripped of their individuality (everyone wears the same uniform), even make-up, nail-polish, and jewelry are disallowed or frowned upon. The goal is to make everyone the same. Talk about the herd mentality! This goes on for four years of medical school and is followed by another lengthy indoctrination during residency with young doctors often being exposed to multiple simultaneous traumas and losses, frequently while "functioning" on only a few hours sleep during any particular week in question. They learn quickly to function as a team - or even as a single organism, to survive the process. By the time they actually receive their licenses and are released into the general population what emerges is a brain-washed clone of the pharmaceutical industry. This is why the very idea that vaccines or antibiotics could be contributing to our children's health crisis is so strongly resisted. To even consider such a thing would rock the very core of what it means to them to be a "doctor" - and that's all they have left. That is their identity. Every cell of individuality is long gone. They can no longer think for themselves or act in ways that go against the machine.

Think about the word: "Doctor"

Now think about the word: "Indoctrination"


"Doctor, doctrine, and document all go back ultimately to the Latin verb docēre ‘teach’. This in turn was a descendant of an Indo-European base *dok-, *dek- which also produced Greek dokein ‘seem, think’ (source of English dogma (17th c.), orthodox, and paradox) and didáskein ‘learn’ (source of English didactic (17th c.)) and Latin decere ‘be fitting or suitable’ (source of English decent, decorate, and dignity) and dexter (source of English dextrous). Latin doctor was derived from doctus, the past participle of docēre, and came into English via Old French doctour. It originally meant ‘teacher’, and the main modern sense of ‘medical practitioner’, although sporadically recorded in Middle English, did not become firmly established until the late 16th century."

Translation: A Doctor is a teacher or someone who espouses a particular "Doctrine" and goes forth to "teach" it to others. Being a "Doctor" means you have spent many years studying a particular "Doctrine" and have demonstrated to a certain degree that you have internalized and BELIEVE what you have been taught. How you get there is through "Indoctrination."


Indoctrinate: (verb) To teach political, religious or nationalist ideas in such a way that a person accepts them without question


Sadly, if you have ever been bold enough to express concerns about the safety of vaccines, you are most likely familiar with the response of someone who has been indoctrinated to believe what he or she is taught "Without Question." Doctors are Indoctrinated with the belief that vaccines are the life-saving, manna-from-heaven, sacred Holy Grail that delivers a life free from disease and death from unseen bacteria and viruses lurking in every shadowy corner waiting to pounce. Doctors are indoctrinated to the point where their personal image is no different than that of the Priest holding the vessel and delivering the blessing that will save your soul. It's not about medicine, or health. It's about believing completely in a system of information that has been fed to them and to challenge that belief system often results in nothing less than the kind of response you would expect if you challenge a Priest about the existence of the Holy Trinity.

The difference is, what the Priest is handing you at communion won't kill you.

If you have a physician who listens to you and takes your concerns seriously, you are one of the fortunate few. You have something more valuable than gold and diamonds. Nurture that relationship and guard it. If you lose what you have, you may not be able to find another.

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