Thursday, October 20, 2011

Patient Questions/Concerns (Educational Purposes)

Dr. Wise

I'm really hoping you can help shed some light on some things for me. I know that your chiropractic well being has A LOT to do with your overall health, but my question is, why am I not getting better? Every morning I wake up with a headache. Every morning i literally have to peel myself out of bed. I have no energy and no motivation. When I tell my doctor this he just wants to shove more pills down my throat. Remember when I got sick back in February? I haven't felt the same since then. I'm just at a loss. I am begging anyone to please help me get me back to myself. What do I do?? Any thoughts? I'm asking you because I know you actually care about me and my overall health. I know adjustments are necessary, but they're expensive. So are there any alternatives? Or anything I can be doing between adjustments? Unfortunately, I'm a googler and I google everything. I read this morning that spinal subluxations can cause several health issues including headaches and problems with my sinuses. I'm going crazy. I really am.

Patient X

From Dr. Jon Wise Dc

Hey there,

Well there is a lot that we can do... The biggest thing is: Improve neurological health! That is one of the things adjustments will do, but its not the only thing you can work on. Go back to my 3 philosophies of health. Eat Wise Move Wise Think Wise.

The reason why you feel the way to you is because your spinal/neuorlogical hygiene is not functioning 100%. Subluxations is a major cause of impaired neurological functioning. When your joints are out of alignment, it sends constant neurological stress messages into your spinal cord to your brain. This constant on slaught of messages slows down the overall impulse from the brain to the body and the body back to the brain. Think of it like a computer. If you have one computer with a 1,000 windows runing in the background, how would it run compared to a computer with only one window runing. Well we both know that the 2nd computer will run better, faster without any stress and fatigure or overheating.

The same thing happens with your body. Your nervous system is fatigues and stressed out. This is why you have your symptoms... The best way to combact these is to find and address the causes. Which is your lifestyle and everything that happens in it.

So lets look at Eating Wise: If your body does not get the right nutrition to work right and function, it will fatigue and break down. So evaluate your diet. What are you eating, drinking, putting onto your skin, etc... Does your food come out of a box? can? Think of preservatives and harsh chemicals that are added to most food to help preserve them from a nuke holocaust. These are all things that can affect your health and the health of your nervous system. Toxicity is a biggy! Start a major cleanse and detox! I can order the good stuff in the office... Start eating more raw fruits and veggies. Try to choose lean healtheir cuts of meats. Ones that doesnt not have hormones or anti-biotics in them.

Lets now look at Moving Wise: Your body, your nervous system was designed to be in motion. Exercising and Stretching everyday is a must! Yoga is a great way to get your body in motion and stretching... Making sure your joints are moving 100% and if they are not, that's my main job as a chiro. Gotta get the joints moving, it will decrease neurological interference to allow your body to function better. Try to get adjusted as often as you can, I do have packages that can make it affordable in the long run! Just requires payment at the begining of the package.

Lastly is Thinking Wise: We all know that major stress can reek havoc with your lifes and our health. Some stress may not be 100% avoidable at this time, but you need to find and eliminate most negative stresses in your life (friends, family, co-workers, thoughts, feelings, actions, etc...). For those you can not eliminte 100% right now, you need to be more proactive with de-stressing your body. It can be simple stuff like: Reading a book, going to the park, exercising, yoga, hikes, watching kick butt movies/comedies or listening to killer music. Anything that takes your mind away from the harmful emotions to allow a since of balance!
I understand this is a lot all at once, but it is something I feel will help evaluate your life. You can do it!
Start simple: Add nutrition! more fruits and veggies. add supplements (multi-vita, fish oil, probiotics and anti-oxidant complex). Try a simple Yoga routine! Buy a movie or take a class to learn the poses to prevent increase injury. Relax the mind any way you can...

Also might want to look and evaluate how the curves are in your spine, especially your neck! a major source of headaches come from your upper neck out of alignment and a reversal of the curvical curve. We can retake some xrays. I can do nutritional testing, order some blood work, try to eliminate your allergies... lots of stuff.

Hope this helps. I am always willing to help your health improve, it just may take some time to figure everything out.

Dr. Jon

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