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by Marci Hansen on 10/27/11
Inspired Wellness Chiropractic

When your body is out of balance (sick) do you often wonder "Who gave this to me?" Do you try to trace back where you picked up the dis-ease? Is the next step to do what you can to get rid of symptoms? Over the counter medication, presciption medication, surgery or time? Thinking that if your body became imbalanced from an outside source than it can be re-balanced by an outside source.

When our bodies are out of balance they generally produce symptoms to let us know something requires attention. These symptoms don't come about because you body has a lack of OTC meds, prescription meds, or extra or unecessary body parts to be surgically removed. These symptoms occur to bring your attention back to you.

Our bodies are designed to survive. If we don't get in their way they will get up in the morning and function, and for that matter continue to function even when we are asleep. However the choices we make in life can have an impact on our bodies ability to survive. Hence the symptoms. By taking medication, or having surgery we may deal with the symptom but have we dealt with the cause of the dis-ease? More than likely if we are only practicing symptom care the body will produce another symptom to get our attention to deal with the cause. Taking medication can help temporarily and if you choose to take medication or have surgery we will support you through this.

Chiropractic care can help you on this journey of healing. A chiropractic adjustment can remove interference within your nervous system allowing your body to be the most receptive to the changes you make to address the cause. If you are coming in and receiving symptom relief but not dealing with the cause your subluxation can keep coming back, even if it shows up in different places and ways. That is why you can have pain in your body for no apparent reason, or by doing a simple task that you have done numerous times before, only this time you throw you back out doing it. We believe there are 6 essentials that can have a profound impact on you and your bodies ability to heal. These 6 are what you eat and drink, how you sleep, breathe, exercise and the most important what you think.

When you have a subluxation and require an adjustment it is important to understand that it isn't the chiropractor who is healing you. The adjustment puts your body in an optimal place to heal, once the chiropractor has done their part then it's your turn to take a good look at your life and see where the cause is coming from and if you want to heal then doing something about it is the next step, this is where true healing begins.

Wellness Chiropractors wants to support you in your health and healing by helping you determine the cause of your illness and injuries. We help support your physical body while you make changes to address the cause. We want to help you become whole.


This is an exellent depiction of what I have been trying to get across for years. - Dr. Jon Wise

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