Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Xcite Nutrition's 90 for 90 Challenge

Xcite Nutrition and its preferred partners are proud to announce the launch off the Xcite 90 for 90 Challenge: It only takes 90 days to change your life for the better. Are you up for this life changing experience?

What is 90 for 90?
The 90 for 90 Challenge is a fitness and nutrition program that requires 90 people to commit to 90 days of a regimented program that is designed to guide individuals and teams towards attaining their fitness and nutrition goals. It is committing to 90 minutes of exercise a week. The program runs for 12 weeks. 90 for 90 is an effort to increase awareness in the community of the importance of better health through better nutrition. It is a pledge to make the small and often overlooked changes in life that will add up to significant benefits to one’s health and overall wellbeing. 90 for 90 is
• A commitment to attain a higher level of nutrition and fitness
• Opportunity to work towards fitness and nutrition goals as a part of a team
• An opportunity to receive support and guidance from fitness, nutrition and health professional who can offer exceptional tips, services.
• Exposure to nutritional supplements that promote better health

Who should participate?
• Are tied of endless TV diets and plans that cost of hundreds of dollars and get you little or no results?
• Do you feel less motivated to work out or eat right as an individual?
• Are seeking natural and safe methods to improve your wellbeing?
• Are you goal oriented and driven by the desire to accomplish set goals?
• Have you ever considered or sought out the services of a fitness, nutrition or health professional to support your fitness and nutritional goals?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then the 90 for 90 is right for you. The challenge is ideal for individuals who want to improve their well-being through positive lifestyle changes, identified as
• Better Nutrition
• Commitment to exercise
• Commitment to being a lifetime student on nutrition and health

How does it work?
The Challenge is open to a maximum of 90 qualified individuals who commit to following a regimented nutritional and fitness program for a period of 12 weeks. The individuals are placed into groups based on their goals. The idea is to place individuals with common goals in a group so that they are working and supporting each other towards a collective goal. This is a great way to keep everyone motivated. Examples of common goals include
• Seeking to lose 10, 20 30 pounds: This would be the weight loss group, which can have sub groups depending on the variance in the desired weight loss goals
• Seeking to regain body shape: ideal for people looking to tone and get back into great physical shape
• Seeking to start working out and understand nutrition for the first time

Note: A $500.00 prize will be awarded to the person nominated by the group as being the person who best represented the goals and virtues of the 90 for 90 challenge
Each group is assigned to a sponsor(s) that will support them throughout the 12 weeks process to attain their goals.

Download registration form. Fill out and return via email attachment to:
MS Word Doc version - HERE PDF version - HERE

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