Thursday, May 5, 2011

Over the Counter Medicines No Longer Recommended for Children

Over the Counter Medicines No Longer Recommended for Children

In case you missed it, both the FDA and the manufacturers themselves are no longer recommending most of the standard cold medicines Americans have been buying our kids for the past 10 or 15 years. Reason: no proof they work.

[ Before You Buy Children's Cold Medicines - V. Iannelli MD 3 Nov 10]

A few from the List:


Little Remedies







Why the sudden attack of social responsibility? These medicines were never proven all along, so why are they acknowledging it suddenly now, after all this time? There must be some angle to this story I'm not clever enough to figure out.

The missing pieces of the immune puzzle must certainly include:

* Highest rate of asthma, colds and flu among children today
* Highest percentage of child allergy
* Intake of pasteurized GMO dairy: milk, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt
* Child obesity

Drugs simply don't have a chance against allergens like this.

So what is your child's best chance for a strong immune system?

No child is born with an intact immune system. Years of clinical experience have shown the best way for a strong immune system to develop is to let the child alone in most instances, except for adjustments of course. Subject to gentle, regular stimulation from the natural environment, children will develop resistance on their own with mild, even subclinical responses - fevers, rashes, colds, flu. Usually lasting only a few days, these are generally desirable events: immune building.

In the past, these mild, valuable diseases of childhood also included measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc. No longer true. The onslaught of vaccines since the early 90s has created mutations of these old diseases. Today these diseases have mutated to much stronger versions, through vaccine use.

Though no randomized trials have ever been done, clinically and empirically the children with the strongest immune systems are those who are given the fewest drugs and vaccines. Now after all these years, the FDA is admitting the drug part. Unfortunately I wouldn't be expecting the same admission of guilt for vaccines any time soon. That level of education requires a bit of well- documented research, like the science found in the parent manual:

Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

Today's lesson is clear: if you're still running to the drugstore for cough syrups and pills when your kids get colds and flu, you're on your own. The science says no more.

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