Thursday, May 12, 2011

10 Healthy Steps for a Healthy Smart Baby

10 Healthy Steps for a Healthy Smart Baby

Intelligence isn't just a genetic thing- you really can help the process of brain development in your infant. Start young
and be consistent; you really will see results. Some of these tips might seem obvious, but are you really being
disciplined in your endeavors to enrich your child? We're all busy people, but here are 10 simple ways to make your
baby smarter.

1. Reading- Read to your baby from day one and try to make it a daily habit. Even newborns benefit from hearing
you read stories, as it introduces them to the various sounds of language. Also, the colorful pages will intrigue them
and stimulate their brain.

2. Cuddling- Babies need to be held as much as possible. Cuddling will make a baby feel safe and secure, building
their self esteem from the day they are born. As a result, they will thrive physically and psychologically.

3. Floor Play- Put baby on the floor for tummy time and to just explore his surroundings. Don't be alarmed if he
dislikes tummy time at first. He will learn and grow with each day. Bright, age appropriate toys spread around baby
also increase his interest.

4. Eye Contact- Make eye contact with your baby- your face will be the most fascinating toy they will have for a long
time. Talk, make faces, and babble. This will nurture baby as well as introduce him to language and communication.

5. Set Challenges- Put a toy just out of reach during tummy time and watch baby figure out how to get to it. They
learn through frustration. Don't forget to cheer them on when they finally reach it!

6. The Great Outdoors- Take baby outside for a while. Introduce him to things he hasn't seen before. Let him
touch a tree, a flower, etc.

7. Music- Classical music, to be exact. Surely you've heard of The Mozart Effect on children- the theory that playing
Mozart for a child everyday increases cognitive skills and emotional well-being.

8. Breastfeed- Breast milk is brain food and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that a mother nurse
her child for at least one year.

9. Dancing- Dance around with baby in your arms. The movement will be new to them and it is a great way for
bonding and showing relations with music.

10. Be Silly- Laugh, tickle and be silly with baby. As he gets older and starts to play make believe, his creativity will
be a test of his intelligence.

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