Thursday, April 28, 2011

Medicine = Fireman Chiropractic = Carpenters/plumbers/etc

A Doctor that focuses primarily on removing Symptoms is like a Fireman who focuses primarily in removing smoke. While your symptoms, as well as smoke, may be your concern, neither is the CAUSE of most of your problems. The Chiropractor removes the interferences with your spine which restores balance back to your body to fix the problem. The Medical Model sells you a gas mask while you burn. Chiropractic gets rid of the fire and teaches you how to prevent the fire.

A chiropractor, looks at the whole body and try to nurture that entire body as a full functional unit. We try to teach you how to eat the right kind of food, get the right kind of exercise and learn how to de-stress the mind, while giving you regular chiropractic adjustments that enhance your nervous system. This is my concept of health: Eat Wise - Move Wise - Think Wise. In Chiropractic it is similar to wellness, or holistic care. What the Medical paradigm does best is help keep people alive, to save that life in a crisis. This is called crisis care.

In fact, when it comes to keeping people alive in situations where they would have most likely died, America is one of the best. If I get my leg chopped off in an accident, I will definitely go to the hospital so that I won’t die. There would be no reason to call a Chiropractor in this case. However, if I have a lifestyle disease such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, I don’t want to go to the same people who work well in a crisis because they will treat high blood pressure as a crisis. “Your blood pressure is high, you could have a heart attack tomorrow (even though you have probably had high blood pressure for 10 years already) we need a pill that will lower your blood pressure today regardless of the side effects.” However, the chances of you having a heart attack the day after you find out you have high blood pressure is very small, this is not a crisis. This is a job for a doctor who is going to work with you on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, to help you change your lifestyle, figure out what is causing the high blood pressure, help your nervous system run better, and help your body function at a higher level so that your blood pressure will decrease gradually and your risk for heart disease will decrease as well.

Here is an analogy that I learned from one of my mentors in Wellness, Dr. James Chestnut. If your house is on fire and everything you own is burning, like the ghostbusters thing song, WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CALL? Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, firemen? You aren’t going to want to call a carpenter, electrician or the plumber; they have the wrong tools to help you. You are going to call a fireman. The firemen are going to break down your door, smash in your windows and douse your entire house in water. But if they get there fast enough and if they work hard enough, the integrity of your house might be salvaged! The crisis that occurred might be taken care of and your house might live! Who cares about the small things like your door and windows and carpet, your house is saved!!! Now, when it comes time to repair your broken down house, are you going to call the same firemen or are you going to call the profession that works on slowly, rebuilding your house piece by piece? Of course you would call the carpenter, the plumbers, the electricians because you are no longer in a crisis and it would be absurd to call the profession who specializes in crisis care.

If you haven’t already guessed it, the firemen are like the medical doctors and the carpenters, electricians and plumbers are like the chiropractors. America may be ranked very highly for crisis care, but it is ranked 37th for overall health care. We are consuming 55x more prescription drugs today then back in 1960. What does this mean? We are 55x more unhealthy then we where back in 1960! Why is this so? Maybe it is because we are confusing what type of profession does what. Both professions have their own specialty and when we work together, we can make people’s lives better but it is important for you as the consumer to understand and differentiate what those specialties are.

Thank you for reading!
Dr. Jon Wise

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