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Homemade Beauty Recipes & Herbal Cosmetics

Beauty Recipes & Herbal Cosmetics
Dr. Andrew Napier

Look Younger and Beautiful

Skin care is very important, and proper hygiene and skin care techniques would help to have a clean, healthy skin desired by all. This article briefly describes some of the effective homemade beauty recipes and herbal cosmetics that will help you look younger and beautiful.

The cosmetic market is flooded with beauty and skin care products promising to make you beautiful and younger. Many of these products give long term side effects resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. This is why we highly recommend homemade beauty recipes and herbal cosmetics that improve your skin complexion naturally without causing any harmful side effects.

Homemade Beauty Recipes and Herbal Cosmetics

Below are some simple and effective homemade beauty recipes and herbal cosmetics that will help you look younger and beautiful.

1. Applying a paste of grounded almond, honey and warm milk on the skin improves complexion and dryness and makes it glow.

2. A mixture of fermented flour and milk makes a good mask for oily skin.

3. Application of a paste made out of gram flour (fermented chick peas), lime juice, turmeric and milk would make skin radiant.

4. Massaging skin with unboiled milk also makes it radiant. It is one of the traditional and very effective homemade beauty recipes.

5. Massaging skin with mustard powder in milk helps to get rid of blemishes. Rubbing skin with aloe Vera juice heals sun burnt skin.

6. Apple cider vinegar serves as an effective natural cosmetic for sunburns.

7. Application of a mixture of two teaspoons of buttermilk and tomato juice on the skin gives relief from sunburns.

8. Massaging skin with coconut oil makes it wrinkle free.

9. Rubbing the core of pineapple on the skin and leaving for about 15 minutes also gives one a wrinkle free skin.

10. Spreading mashed banana all over the skin, keeping it for 15-20 minutes and then rinsing off with warm water is also an effective anti-wrinkle treatment.

11. One may soak cotton balls in ice-cold water mixed with 4 teaspoons of lime juice and place it on the eyes to remove tiredness of the eyes.

12. Refrigerated herbal tea bag can do away with eye puffiness.

13. Dark circles under the eyes would disappear if one places freshly cut figs over the eyes and leave it on for half an hour.

14. Slices of cucumber placed on each eye can soothe tiredness of eyes.

15. Massaging hands and legs with a mixture of tomato juice, lime juice and glycerin helps to do away with skin roughness.

16. Application of a mixture of an ounce of honey, little egg white, glycerin, and barley powder makes the skin on hands and legs soft and supple.

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