Thursday, January 27, 2011

Power of Improving Neurological Health!

I just had a patient who came back for his 2nd visit. Let me start off by saying that this patient did not come see me for neck or back pain. He did not come see me for shoulder or knee pain. He made this appointment because he has been having severe Bronchitis coupled with pnuemonia. He has had this infection for 3 weeks and not showing signs of improvement. He is on 8 different medications that the M.D.'s and ER gave him!

On his inital exam, We did a Insight Neurological Scan, Xrays, Ortho's, AK Muscle testing with a nutritional protocol. Neurological scan picks up several neurological distress at mutli levels throught his spine. Ortho's are negative. Muscle testing results in major organ inflammation. After asking the patient how is poop was, he states he has not pooped in 6 days. Meaning his body is now majorly toxic too...

The only thing I did was ADJUST his spine to restore neurological health so that his body can now work on fighting the infections. I also advised him to increase vita's C, D, Probiotics and Fish Oils.

My Patient came back into the office and Told me I KICKED his Butt...lmao! 40 min after leaving the office yesterday, he went into a severe 106 degree fever. He his body told him to relax and goto sleep. He slept for 14 hours. Woke up with a pool in his bed, fever had broke and he was starting to feel like a million bucks! Today I checked his lungs, took xrays and rechecked all of his organic issues with muscle testing. Results: No fluid in lungs, almost all muscle tests where strong. Still has subluxations present (stuck joints for the people who do not know the latin word) which means we still have work to do in the office.

Medical out of pocket cost for three weeks of care, on/off hospitalization, drugs, etc: approx $20,000 in medical care.

Chiropractic out of pocket cost in my office for a complete work up on the first visit: $139.00 (Internet Dicount!)

So when people ask me what can chiropractic do for them. I tell them everything is possible. The only thing chiropractic adjustments do is to restore joint motion and decrease the neurological strain on your brain and spinal cord. This allows your brain to start to restore normal neurological activity to regulate itself. When your nervous system is functioning better, your body is functioning better!

Thank you for Reading, I see cased like this all the time and I feel that we need to get the word out. Sometime taking medications is neccessary if it is life threatening, but the medications will not fix the problem. Improve neurological health and dont worry about being sick and full of disease.Be sure to make an appointment with a holistic wellness doctor to evaluate your neurological health! Why wait until this happens to you...

Thank you,

Dr. Jon Wise

Wise Chiropractic: Holistic Family Health

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  1. Chiropractic saves patients money by reducing their need for pain medication. Many drugs merely mask pain without addressing its underlying cause. Chiropractic goes to the root of the problem, helping patients live pain-free without the use of medication.

    Have you ever estimated how much money your family spends on pain medication per year? If not, calculate it now. (Take care to include over-the-counter drug costs, which alone can reach monumental sums.) Chances are you’re spending more on covering up your pain with drugs than it would cost to treat your family to a year’s worth of preventative chiropractic care!