Friday, October 29, 2010

My Neck Is KILLING Me!!! By Kevin Donka, D.C.

My Neck Is KILLING Me!!! By Kevin Donka, D.C.
by Kevin Donka on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 10:02am

“Hey Robert, It’s Great to see you today!” I said as he came into our adjusting room. “Hi Doc, I know I was just here a few days ago, but I had to come in again because my neck is killing me,” He replied. “I’m really glad you’re feeling so well then,” I answered. Robert looked at me strangely and then repeated himself, “No…I said my neck is KILLING me!” “I know,” I continued, “And I’m glad you are able to FEEL well enough to get the warning signal you are getting from your body. If you weren’t able to FEEL it, you wouldn’t be able to act upon that warning and take steps to begin moving in the direction of health, wellness and wholeness again.” “Oh, I see what you’re saying,” Robert said, “The pain is a signal that I need to get something fixed…right.” “That’s right Robert, and once you are adjusted today, you can begin fixing that problem yourself!” He gave me that confused look again and said, “I’m sure you’ll explain that to me too Doc.” “Of course I will,” I said, “But let’s get you adjusted first so you’re clear enough to make some new choices once I do.”

There are several important ideas in the dialogue above we need to look at. First of all, there is an Innate Wisdom inside your body that runs, regulates, heals and grows your body, and your neural system allows you to receive messages from this Intelligence to help keep you moving in the right direction with your health and life. Many people don’t FEEL well enough (i.e., they aren’t able to feel things at an effective level) to make different choices. Or even if they are, they usually just cover them up with medications or other things, or they may even just ignore these signals.

Next, Robert assumed that once he was adjusted, the problem would be solved. But you see, while the chiropractic adjustment he would get from me that day would help his Innate Intelligence heal his body from the cause of his pain, he needed to get to the CAUSE of the cause. That is, he needed to address what caused the subluxation process in the first place. Had there been some kind of injury? Had he been focusing too much in his life on what was wrong or missing instead of what was great and what he wanted to move toward? Was there some aspect of the health-allowing lifestyle he was neglecting? I could restore the normal flow of Life energy that was altered by the subluxation process, but it was up to HIM to ask himself why it occurred in the first place, and take whatever steps were necessary to begin moving toward health, wellness and wholeness again.

Last, nothing in life (including our health) ever stays the same; everything is always in the process of changing. And ultimately, everyone is always moving either toward growth or toward death. So when Robert said his neck was “killing” him, he wasn’t that far off of the truth. Three things are necessary to keep growing toward wholeness, as mentioned above. These are, a focus on moving TOWARD what you want (as opposed to trying to “escape” what you don’t want), a healthy lifestyle that supplies every cell of your body with what it needs to function properly, heal and grow, and a clear neurological CONNECTION (thus, the need for chiropractic care). So the neural interference caused by the subluxation process really does cause you to slowly die. But Robert was only partially right when he said his neck was killing him. He had made the choices that had caused the subluxation process in the first place. So, he had actually been “killing” himself.

What choices will YOU make today, and which direction will YOU move?

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