Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My take on To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate... That is the Question

As a doctor myself, I agree that People needs options. People need 100% of the information (Pros and Cons) before making a decision about their health or the health of their children. I do not agree with vaccination, especially the young little babies that do not have an immune system to begin with.

I do understand that some diseases are very life threatening (most of them NOT in circulation anymore). When it comes to life threatening issues, one must always take the less of the two evils.

I will tell everyone, Make sure you look at all options, make sure you get all information and make the best choice with the knowledge at hand. Just remember, you and your family will have to live with the outcomes of that choice. Whether the outcomes are positive or negative.

Not everyone will have severe reactions to vaccines, well let me clarify that: Not everyone will initially have severe reactions to vaccines. Research has been and will continue to be preformed as to the effectiveness of vaccine and the reactions it may or may not cause in one's lifetime. One condition not really talked about is the increase in autoimmune diseases here in the states. I believe with the research I have seen, is largely related to the increase in vaccines we are trying to be forced into. The more drugs and vaccines we will develop as a society, the worst our healths will become. Take a look at the research, we are currently 37 in health according to WHO. If we had the right solutions, our health would not be dropping.

For the most part more drugs are not the problem, but they are not the solution either.

I of course can go on for a while talking on this subject. So I will just close for now and state that I WILL NOT be vaccinating my daughter and future children. Frankly there is no reason, other then to put more money into the hands of doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. Not the mention the life long consequences it may have...

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jon Wise

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