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Treating Fibromyalgia?

Treating Fibromyalgia?

A friend on my list sent out a bulletin regarding how to treat Fibromyalgia, So I thought others may like to be educated on the subject...

Fibromyalgia is Very hard to treat... chiropractice adjustments with massages and life style changes seems to be the best treatments... these people need to get rid of the toxins that they are consuming on a regular basis (carbs, refined sugar, processed food, etc...) and start suppling the body with the raw nutrients that it needs to survive... organic fruits/veggies and grass feed meats... they need to get on a great multivitamin with lots of b-complex and omega 3 fish oils...

here are some more supplementations that seems to work on some and not on others

1.) Magnesium
several studies have found these patients to be Mg deficient. other studies found Mg to be so effective for enough patients so as to reach statistical significance
the hypothesis is that it results in .. ATP production (these patients don..t make enough ATP) 600 mg MG
Mg can..t be taken on its own, it needs to be liked with something else (ie. Mg oxide, Mg sulfate, Mg malate, etc) otherwise it burns

2.) Malic Acid
studies show it is helpful for a lot of patients
important in ATP production or may have other effects
2000-2500 mg/day. good if linked with Mg (Mg malate supplement) then it will be 600mg Mg /2400mg malic acid

3.) Vit B1
100mg/day. injections are more effective than oral supplements

4.) Vit B6
works for some. 100-200 mg/day

5.) Tryptophan
it was banned in the 1950..s because it got contaminated 5-hydroxy tryptophan (now used)
increases serotonin levels, fibromyalgia pts found to be low in serotonin- which may be why they have abnormal sleep and tend to depression
100 mg, 3 times/day, can produce diarrhea (regular tryptophan didn..t have this effect)- so suggest starting it slow

6.) s-adenosyl methionine (SAMEE)
an expensive supplement!, 200 mg/day (the minimum/day) = $100 for a 1 month supply
at least 3 studies found it very effective at treating fibromyalgia, but most pts can..t afford it
1200 mg = the effective dose, it forms homocysteine so pts now also have to take a lot of folic acid as well
we don..t know how it helps except that it functions to:
.. transcription of RNA, it is a primary methyl-donor in the body

7.) Ribose
5-carbon sugar, can help fibromyalgia pts but no one knows why, 2-4 grams/day

8.) Vit D
some think fibromyalgia to be a manifestation of a Vit D deficiency, those taking a lot of Vit D supp. are much improved, helps people with just muscle aches and on fibromyalgia

Hope this helps
Dr. Jon

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  1. Many diseases improve with chiropractic care, but chiropractic doesn’t “cure” anything.
    Health is normal. If you're not healthy, something is interfering with this normal state. The only thing that doctors of any type can do is to remove interferences that may be preventing your body from expressing your normal health or mask symptoms (pain) with drugs.
    A chiropractor’s focus is on your nervous system, which controls and regulates every aspect of your body. Restoring better brain/body communications allows a more normal expression of health. The fact that your illness may improve in the process is an expression of better nervous system control of your body.
    Thus, chiropractic doesn't cure anything. Only your body can do that –if there isn't any interference!