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3 Big Lies That Are Holding Your Health Hostage

3 Big Lies That Are Holding Your Health Hostage
By Dr. Dale Ellwein

As you read every word in this post, you will be amazed at the crazy stuff we buy into that is just not true. You may even get upset. But won’t it be great to understand this so you can do something about it?

Imagine, in just a few minutes, you will know the 3 biggest lies that are holding your health hostage!

So let’s get to it.

The first big lie: Your genes are responsible for your health.

If you’re thinking, "Well of course that’s true," you know that even a smart person like yourself can be misled by false information. Let me explain...

Several years ago we were told that 75% of all diseases are genetically based. Now, a recent Harvard study says it’s 25%. I am sure that eventually it will be down to 3% or so. This is why...

When you look at genes and study them, you will find that they have not changed much in 40,000 years. That’s a long time. Really think about it; your genes are perfect. They respond to your environment to either produce health and healing in your body or help you survive a threat.

The question is, "Did the hunter-gatherers of 40,000 years ago develop heart disease, diabetes and cancer?" The answer is, no, no and very rarely. If the Hunter-Gatherer did not die early from trauma, they lived a long, healthy, productive life.

The Truth:
You do not get sick because of your genes. Even if your mother had cancer and your sister had cancer, it does not mean that you will have cancer. Even if your grandfather and father died of a heart attack, it does not mean that you will die of a heart attack.

Read on and you’ll discover just how powerful you really are...

The second big lie: You’re sick because you are unlucky.

I remember paging through a Physician’s Desk Reference book while I was in chiropractic school. You know, this is the book that has every disease known to man in it. The thing that was amazing is that there is very rarely a known cause of a disease. In fact, they have a fancy name for this: idiopathic. Isaac Asimov called idiopathic "A high-flow term to conceal ignorance." In the television show House, the lead character remarks that the word "comes from the Latin meaning ’we’re idiots, because we don’t know what’s causing it.’"

The Truth:
You do not get sick because you are unlucky. Just because they don’t know what caused a disease does not mean that you are unlucky.

The third big lie: Don’t worry, we are developing the magic pill.

Do you really believe that there will be a magic pill? How many years have they been looking for the cure for cancer? Did you know that the big solution they have for cancer right now is early detection?

When you look at the statistics, they are now detecting cancer around 2 years earlier than they used to. In fact, 5 year survival rate for cancer has improved dramatically. But guess what, 7 year survival rate has plummeted. So yes, they discover it earlier and treat you with chemotherapy and radiation for a longer period of time before you die, because they detected it earlier. However, people are still living generally the same amount of time.

Please understand that I know that there are a lot of cancer survivors out there that may be a little put off by these statements. Read on and you will understand that the focus of this little piece is to empower you and your upcoming generations so that they are not made victims of these lies.

The Truth:
There is no magic pill. There never will be.

So those are 3 of the biggest lies that are holding your health hostage. Did you notice what they have in common? I’m sure that you are wondering that right now. Let’s take a look at them right now.

You’re sick because of your genes.
You’re sick because you are unlucky.
Don’t worry, we’re developing a magic pill that will take care of everything.

If you were to believe these statements, then you have absolutely no power over your own health. Your health would be in someone else’s hands.

Imagine taking total control over your health. Imagine feeling awesome and never having to worry about cancer, heart disease or diabetes. Imagine achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and having an energy level that would intimidate a teenager. You are about to uncover the secret recipe to total health and longevity contained in my new bookYouth from Within. This book will will empowerment you so you can know once and for all how to be healthy and live a long, quality life. You won’t be lied to anymore!

Here is just one of the many tips that you can start to use right now. It answers the question, "What is the best way for me to eat?" So many of you have wondered this, but none have given you the answer, until now.

Remember how science has determined that your genes have not changed much in 40,000 years? One of the main keys to eating healthy is to eat like a Hunter-Gatherer ate. Did the Hunter Gatherer eat organic fruits and vegetables? Did they eat organic nuts and berries? Did they eat grass fed, free range meats? Did they eat fresh fish? What should you eat to have optimum health? Right. Just like your Hunter-Gatherer ancestor.

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