Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My HCG Weight Loss Experience

My HCG Weight Loss Experience

Hello there, for most people that do not know me, my name is Dr. Jon Wise. I am a Holistic Chiropractor in the Southwest part of Las Vegas, NV. This month marks the start the 3rd round of my Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss System.

Several years ago I started debate the idea of finally loosing the weight that I gained after working as a Papa John's General Manager while I was in College. I reached my max weight of 315 lbs back in 2007 while I was working on my Doctorate in Chiropractic. As being a chiropractic student and a former football/rugby/weight lifter, I figured I knew what it took to drop the pounds. But after several years of trying the fad diets and attempting to work out, I only could fluctuate between 5-10 lbs. It frustrated me to no end, chiropractors are the leaders in the health and wellness field and I the harder I worked, the less results I seen both within my body and on the scale.

It wasn't until one of my friends introduced me to the HCG Weight loss system. At first I was very reluctant to even listen to what she had to say let alone even thing of trying the program. Lets face it, putting a female pregnancy hormone into a male body! At first, I was against the idea, but I had no knowledge of what HCG really was and its relations to weight. In chiropractic school, they teach us the same thing as medical students in relations to HCG.

HCG is a hormone that a pregnant female's body secretes into the blood stream to help prepare the body for the pregnancy, to help sustain the pregnancy and to store fat within the body for after pregnancy. This main reason is so the mom's body can burn that fat for production of breast milk.

So getting back on the subject! I finally read Dr. Simeon's book Pounds vs Inches. I finally started to get the idea, but the really push that made me finally try the HCG Diet was the fact that my friend, you know the one who introduced me to the subject, showed me what she looked like prior to taking the hormone herself. She weights well over 200 lbs and she was a size 22! After several rounds of the HCG program, she was able to drop down to a size 2!!! She has been able to keep off all that weight for well over 5 years now. I decided to take the plunge... I tried the prescription HCG first, only because I had no idea that there was a Homeopathic version, and after 3 weeks, I lost a grand total of 27 lbs! I was excited... Dropped 2 pants sizes! I stopped the program to see if the weight came back in a few weeks like all the other fad diets. Well, it DIDN”T! I kept the weight off for almost a year. I made a fatal mistake of traveling to Jamaica and staying at an all inclusive resort. I spent over a week eating tons of well prepared Jamaican cuisine and indulging myself with alcohol non-stop while I was on the island. Needless to say, I was in pure heaven and on VACATION! Well the down fall of that trip is I gained 10 lbs and it increased the size of my stomach and brought back bad eating habits. That was last September.

Starting this past January when my friend took her HCG program out of my office (she decided to move away), I found out about the homeopathic HCG program, so I decided to try the homeopathic HCG hormone. I had gotten very similar results and I knew it was healthier for ones body because the preserving agent in homeopathic medication is alcohol, not chemicals and adjuncts. So I started offering the homeopathic program full time in my office. Since January, I am down to 245 lbs with 25 lbs more until I reach my initial goals. Not only have I seen great results watching all my friend's clients lose weight each and every month, but I have places many patients on my HCG weight loss program as well and they have seen the results for themselves.

If you have any questions regarding weight loss or my Homeopathic HCG weight loss program, please do not hesitate to call my office.

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Jon Wise

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  1. Hey Doc,

    Congratulations on your success with this program! I came across your site while searching for info on hCG. I would recommend that you go back through what you have posted and check it over for spelling/grammar errors. Good luck in your practice and thanks for sharing your story!

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