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Helping Acorns Become Oak Trees: The Real Purpose of Chiropractic Care

Helping Acorns Become Oak Trees: The Real Purpose of Chiropractic Care
by Kevin Donka, D.C.Share.

Inside of every acorn exists the potential and the ability to become a mighty oak tree.

It just needs a few things to realize its potential. It needs some sun, air, water, good nutrition from the soil, and one more thing…

It needs to be free from interference so that the innate processes that grow it from acorn to oak tree can progress.

Chiropractic says that we are all just like acorns too. It says that each of us has a very special purpose and potential of our own. And, just like the acorn, in order for us to reach our potential, we require a few things as well.

We need some sun, air, water, good nutrition, and one thing more. We also need to be free from interference in our nerve systems so that our Life energy can flow normally and we can adapt to all the physical, chemical and mental stresses we encounter in our lives, heal any injuries we may have and continue to grow and unfold into whatever we are meant to be.

Because of the intimate connections between your spine and your nerve system, whenever you lose normal alignment or function in your spine, you also partially lose the CONNECTIONS between your brain and our body. As a result, you no longer have full expression of your “Innate intelligence” or “Life Energy.” This causes a loss of normal function and the ability to adapt completely to the internal and external stresses you continually encounter. In turn, your body functions at less than optimal levels. This loss of your natural state of health (ease) is referred to as a state of “dis-ease.”

The specific chiropractic adjustment process helps restore normal alignment and function in your spine and re-establish the neurological CONNECTIONS between your brain and your body. This in turn allows for the free flow of your Life Energy and therefore restores the ability to function more normally and adapt more completely to both internal and external physical, chemical and mental stresses, as well as to heal and grow.

The result is an ever-increasing realization of your potential in life!

The most important thing to realize here is that chiropractic is not a “treatment” for anything. It is, very simply, a way to help maximize the expression of your Life Energy in your body. It is a way to help ensure the greatest possible chance of fully expressing your purpose and your potential in life.

In this way, chiropractic helps “acorns” become the “oak trees” they were meant to be.

How many “acorns” do you have at home that need chiropractic care?

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  1. The human body has an incredible ability to heal its self when maintained properly.
    Without surgery or medication, Chiropractic therapy can stimulate the body to heal itself in the way nature intended