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Homeopathic HCG Vs Prescription HCG

Votes are in! Homeopathic hits a homerun!!! This is a leter from Dr. Kendra Pearsall. She is a Holistic Medical Doctor who has used both versions with her pateints and has researched this topic in depth over the last several years. She concludes that there is not major differences between the Homeopathic and the Prescription HCG.

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Dr. Jon Wise

Recently Homeopathic HCG has become a hot new way to lose weight. Part of the reason for its popularity is that many people are seeking to do Dr. Simeon's HCG Protocol for weight loss but are reluctant to inject themselves on a daily basis with the HCG hormone. In addition, the HCG hormone is expensive, hard to locate and requires a doctor's prescription (or ordering it from an overseas pharmacy which takes 6 weeks to deliver if it is not confiscated by customs officials).

Some physicians like myself, have discovered that people are getting comparable results using the HCG hormone injections. and the Homeopathic version of HCG. The difference between the two treatments is that the HCG hormone is made into a homeopathic remedy (diluted hundreds of times and potentized) so that it is an energetic imprint of the original substance that works in the body on an energetic level.

I know of at least once vocal critic of using Homeopathic HCG for weight loss. She warns her newsletter list frequently that homeopathic remedies only work by reversing symptoms and therefore is not applicable for weight loss. Indeed, classical homeopathy invented by Dr. Hahnemann in the 1800's works like this: if you have a rash and itchy skin and you can try homeopathic Rhus Tox (poison ivy) and it can help your symptoms disappear. Homeopathy works by giving rememdies that would normally cause symptoms in a well person can cancel out those symptoms in someone with those symptoms. Strange but true.

So how would homeopathic HCG fit into this method? It doesn't. However, Homeopathy works in many ways besides reversing symptoms. For example, there is a type of homeopathy called Oligotherapy which provides very small doses of vitamins, minerals, supplements and hormones that can be very powerful in nudging the body in the direction of health.

Homeopathy has several other categories of remedies each of which has a different method of action such as Miasms, Sarcodes, Liquitrophics, Hormetics Restoratives, Allersodes, and Isodes.
This critic also states that homeopathic HCG does not provide enough HCG to actually work and the only weight loss that occurs is due to the 500 calorie diet which will actually cause harm to the hypothalamus for being on a very low calorie diet.

This is not true. The studies that compare those who go on a 500 calorie diet with and without the HCG hormone show that those who take the HCG experience little to no hunger, have a resculpting effect on the body, show more inches lost, show a large decrease in emotional eating and binge eating. This proves that the HCG hormone has a significant effect on the body. Furthermore, those who use homeopathic HCG also experience these same advantages.

Sometimes I visit HCG Forums and see people posting messages that Homeopathic HCG does not work. I ask them if they have used it or tried it on patients and the answer is always "No." I have not found a single critic who has had any experience with the Homeopathic version and I would love for any critics to show me their data if they have any that supports their views.

I fear that this protocol, as miraculous as it is, can be a bit cult-like and the people who use it can be quite dogmatic about following it exactly as Simeon's wrote in his HCG Bible. To me, this is dangerous, if we do not want to stay in the dark ages we always needs to be open to experimentation and continual improvement. In my medial opinion, there is much room for improvement on Simeon's protocol. In my book on Homeopathic HCG, I have added suggestions to his protocol to reflect what we know about biochemistry, physiology, physics and nutrition and most importantly, natural medicine in the 21st century and I hope to see his work continually improving as science advances.

Does Homeopathic Hormone treatment work? Yes it works and it works well. I observed a physician in Scottsdale, Arizona for three months and his specialty was using homeopathic hormone treatment for all sorts of hormone conditions. He had a waiting list of 6 months due to the efficacy of his therapies with no side-effects.

We are continually collecting data from those who have done both the full strength HCG and the homeopathic version and they are reporting to me that they are getting the same results from both versions. All the health care practitioners that I have spoken with who are using homeopathic HCG are also getting the same positive results.

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Dr. Kendra Pearsall is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor specializing in natural weight loss.

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