Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Soda Destroys One's Health

I seen this image from a Friends Facebook account and knew this was the right thing to post. Read and Enjoy! Think before you act... Remeber to EAT WISE - MOVE WISE- THINK WISE and make sure you are getting your regular chiropractic check ups

Dr. Jon Wise

Soda destroys your health:

Severly raises and crashes blood sugar levels leading to insulin resistance and diabetes.
Depletes nutrients from the the body including Calcium from the bones leading to osteoporosis.
Greatly increases incidence of most cancers including breast, throat, and colon.
Promotes weight gain and other problems associated with obesity.
May cause or contribute to insomnia, irregular heart beat, and birth defects.
Accelerates the aging process.
Increases blood pressure and cholesterol.
Increases the risk of developing gout.

Stop drinking soda (regular or diet) and do not allow your children to drink it. Drink water instead.

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