Thursday, April 1, 2010

Building Your Health Reserve

The booming anti-aging industry is boasting a dizzying array of miracle breakthroughs, but some remedies are risky, and many times, the benefits are unproven. But, new concepts in health care are emerging and changing the way we view our own health.

First Concept - Your Health is Like Your Bank Account

Like your financial accounts that have credits and debits, there are things that add to your health or things that take away from your health.

Every life's action can be evaluated for the impact it has on your health. If people do the right things today, they can actually be healthier tomorrow.

Continually evaluating the impact your lifestyle has on your long-term health is a strategy to mitigate the overall risk of getting an age-related disorder like heart disease, cancer or stroke the three leading causes of death in Americans.

Second Concept - Epigenetics

The science of Epigentics is revealing that our genes, our DNA, respond to the environment in which we exist. The human success story is largely due to our adaptability. Science has recently proven that the expression of our genetic code is dependant upon the environment, allowing us to adapt to any environmental condition. This is exciting news as this is something under our direct control. Optimal expression of our genetic code depends on proper hormones and nutrients as well as being free from excess toxins and chronic stress.

Third Concept - There are Four Basic Causes of All Diseases

All chronic degenerative diseases, including the age-related disorders that most people die from, are preventable. Clinical research consistantly reveals that the causes of every age-related disorder can be traced to one of four things:

Poor Diet
Chronic Stress
Lack of Movement/Poor Physical Fitness

Besure to talk with your Holistic Family Chiropractor to ensure that your spinal/neurological health is functioning at 100%

If you do not have a Holistic Chiropractor, feel free to call my office.

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